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Stress-Free Ear Piercing For Kids

Thinking of getting your toddler’s ears pierced? Here are some tips on hassle-free ear piercing for kids you should keep in mind.

The Right Time

Some parents have their children’s ears pierced when they are newborns. However, there are potential threats in piercing a little girl’s ears too early because her immune system is still developing and piercing the skin can invite infection. Child health experts agree that the right time to pierce a  child’s ears is six months old and above.

Where To Do It

The safest place to have your toddler’s ears pierced is your dermatologist’s or pediatrician’s office. If this is not an option, ask your doctor or friends with children for piercing shop recommendations. Make sure to do your own research as well. The shop should be sanitary and brightly lit, equipped with proper tools and an experienced staff in piercing children’s ears. Visit the shop and watch other customers get their ears pierced to ensure they do everything right. The following safety measures should also be practiced – washing the hands, putting on new gloves and cleaning your daughter’s earlobes with an antiseptic cleanser or alcohol pad prior to piercing. In addition, see to it the technician uses a new set of sterile ear piercer.

On Choosing Earrings

Avoid earrings that contain cobalt and nickel since they can cause allergies. Your daughter’s first earring should be surgical stainless steel earrings or those that have gold posts to decrease chances of infection and inflammation. Better yet, consult with your doctor first so you can get the safest earrings for your toddler.

How To Minimize The Pain

Ask your pediatrician to give you a topical numbing cream. Apply a thick coat of cream onto her earlobes 30 to 60 minutes before the procedure. The lidocaine derivatives found in the numbing cream can help numb the earlobes. However, this will not get rid of the pain. So make sure to talk to your toddler about it. Tell her that piercing is like getting an injection – she will experience a “pinchy feeling” but it will soon go away. Reassure your daughter that it will be a speedy procedure and that you will stay by her side.

Post-Piercing Care

After having your toddler’s ears pierced, always keep the pierced area clean to avoid infection. First, wash your hands and then clean the posts and area with a cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or cleaning solution given by the doctor or technician.

Gently rotate the earrings in the ears to retain the form of the pierced hole. During the healing period (about 4 to 6 weeks), do not engage your toddler in activities that require a helmet (e.g. biking or horseback riding). Also, avoid swimming in the pool, lake or beach which might have unknown bacteria and cause an infection.

If your daughter develops a fever or you notice any itching, redness or inflammation, call your doctor immediately for advice on how to treat the infection.

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