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Most Popular Educational Toys For Toddlers

Toys are an essential part of a toddler’s development as most of his time is spent playing with them. Hence, picking out quality and educational toddler toys is very important. After all, you do not only want to keep your toddler entertained but you also want him to learn through play. By giving him the right tools at an early age, you are carefully molding your toddler to optimize his growth and abilities.

There are a lot of educational toys for toddlers that can help him learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, letters, boost his cognitive, motor and fine motor skills, introduce social interaction and hone his speech and vocabulary. Check out the following toddler toys that are popular in developing a toddler’s learning.

Best Toddler Educational Toys

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Arts and Crafts Tools

Letting your toddler unleash the artist in him at an early age will help him bring out and maximize his artistic talents. With the help of arts and crafts toys, he develops his drawing, painting, shaping and other art related skills. Encourage him to make the most out of using water colors, pastel crayons, crayons, pens, pencils, sketch pads and so on. Also, arts and crafts are an excellent outlet where your toddler can freely express his emotions. This not only helps him mentally advance but as well as help him properly process his feelings that is essential in achieving proper development.

Bath Toys

A lot of action takes place during bath time. For sure, your toddler loves being in the water. Make the most out of it by getting him bath toys. He can play with his water flute and make different sounds, blow bubbles, put stickers of numbers in an ascending order in the wall, count how many rubber ducks are in the tub and so on.


For sure, your toddler absolutely loves it when it is storytelling time. Books are a great example of toddler learning toys, it gives him information and gets him thinking. Books with simple stories or books that come with music and foldable picture flaps will truly encourage him to read along with you. This helps increase his vocabulary and corrects his pronunciation.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are very indispensable when it comes to the development of his creative, imaginative and problem solving skills. These educational toys are like the first set of toys that teaches your toddler different things. Building blocks are very architectural. These toys can help your little one learn the basics such as the alphabet, shapes, numbers and primary colors. It helps build up his creativity, logic, methodical thinking and motor skills.

Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are innovative tools that help increase your toddler’s learning. These toys are very entertaining and educational at the same time. You can let him play thousands of educational online games in the web. Electronic learning toys like VTech can help him discover different sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, animals, alphabet, etc. while hearing music, watching the displays on the screen and pushing different buttons.


Puzzles for toddlers are a great way to train his mental skills since it is very significant for him to develop his dexterity in solving puzzles starting from the simple ones. His mind slowly increases development by just putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. Puzzle toys are a quiet learning activity that requires concentration with minimum interference. Therefore, he learns how to think logically to form related things together in order to form a bigger picture. This is a perfect opportunity for him to form small ideas into visions and into a reality.

With the help of educational toddler toys, you give your child a head start on his education as well as provide him with skills he will need in life.

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