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Tips For Grocery Shopping With Children

Holding a grocery list, pushing a cart and toting a toddler with you is like being in a horror movie especially if your toddler is acting up and shoppers are staring at the two of you. Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid this scenario. Below are some very useful tips for grocery shopping with children.

Shop With A List

Before you head to the grocery store, make sure you have made a list the night or day before. Having a list will help ensure that you do not forget anything and it makes grocery shopping faster and hassle-free. Ask your toddler’s input as you make the list. Make it clear that you are not going to buy anything that is not on the list. Make sure you stick to that plan.

Go When Your Toddler Is In A Good Mood

Make sure the two of you grab a light snack and that he has taken a nap before heading to the grocery store. Drowsiness and an empty stomach can cause meltdowns and tempts you to buy food you do not really want to eat. Shopping with a toddler who is well-fed and well-rested will make things smoother.

Visit The Bathroom First

A bathroom request when you are in the very back of a grocery store or waiting in line can be really annoying and toddlers are guilty of this. Talk to your toddler and ask him to visit the bathroom before you enter the store. If he insists he does not have to go, pull out the “Sit and Count to 10” rule. Have him sit in the toilet and count to ten and see what happens. More often than not, your little one will end up going.

Give Your Toddler Some Power

Watching you go around the grocery aisles can be very boring for your little one. To avoid boredom and to keep his eyes away from that candy bar, request your toddler to help you push the cart, give him the list and ask him to relate them to you, assign him to check off items from the list, have him get something you need or ask him to choose what brand of cereal he wants or the prettiest pumpkin so you can make squash soup for dinner.

Play Games

Grocery stores provide a fun and educational experience for toddlers. Play the I Spy game. Start by looking for something in the grocery store and then say something about it to help your little one identify it. For instance you can say, “I spy something that is red with a white sticker.”. Ask your toddler to find it and when he does, let him have his turn. Or, you can also ask your toddler to name as many fruits and vegetables as he can when you are in the produce section. Talking about why you need to buy ketchup or zucchini is also an ideal way to quench your toddler’s curious mind.

Never Give

No matter how much complaining, arm flailing, shrieking or whatever tricks your toddler does when he is having a meltdown, do not give in, ever. When you give in to your toddler’s whims (even just once) it gives your toddler the idea that he can do it again which will make the fit worse every time you say no. But if you stay firm and ignore your toddler’s whims and tantrums, it will make your toddler realize that no matter what he does, you will never give in.

Establish Consequences

See to it your toddler knows what to expect when he misbehaves or starts throwing a fit in the grocery store. Inform him before leaving the house and remind your toddler about the consequences once again before stepping foot in the store.

Offer Positive Reinforcement

If your toddler was so behaved while you were at the grocery store, praise him for a job well done. Say something like, “You were so patient. Thank you, honey.” or “I am so proud you did not cry when I said no about buying chocolates.” Follow it up with a hug and a kiss. Giving a little treat occasionally also helps. Doing this helps your toddler know that you appreciate his good behaviour which will encourage him to do it again and again.

Grocery shopping with children can be so much fun, yet at the same time, it can be a terrifying experience as well. But with the help of these tips, you and your toddler can survive grocery shopping beaming and relaxed.

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