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Top Five Choices of Healthy Food For Toddlers

Health is wealth. As the famous adage goes, having a fit and healthy lifestyle is very important to secure an active mind and body resulting to a long life. Even at a young age, practicing healthy eating is advised by many toddler health experts. That is why, as early as now, teaching your toddler to eat healthy foods is imperative. After all, it is where he gets his energy and ability to maximize his development.

While it is true that toddlers are very picky eaters, it is not impossible to make them enjoy their meals. The key here is to incorporate a balance between nutritional and indulging foods. There are a lot of tasty meals out there; here is a round-up of the most favored healthy food for toddlers.

Five Popular Healthy Food Choices For Toddlers

For Breakfast


Eggs are a great source of iron, protein and other vitamins and minerals. Letting your toddler eat an egg at least three times in a week allows his body to balance the nutrients and the cholesterol. To make this healthy food more interesting to your little tot, cook it as a scrambled or sunny-side-up egg. Add toast, a couple slices of fruits and milk or juice to make it more appealing to his eyes and taste buds.


A lot of breakfast cereals are full of sugar which do not necessarily bring any good effects to his health. Choose a breakfast cereal that is made from whole grain cornflakes. This type of cereal is full of calcium, fiber and iron that strengthens his bones, improves blood circulation and boosts his energy level. Best examples of breakfast cereals are – oatmeal, Cheerios, Kix and Wheaties. As always, add a slice of apple or a banana to make him like it even more.

For Lunch

Tuna or Grilled Chicken

Fish is always a healthy food choice for everyone. Tuna’s are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is a good carrier of vitamins, minerals and good fat that are essential to his heart. Grilled chicken is also a healthier alternative to fried or roasted chicken. You can add low-fat mayonnaise and some green leafy vegetables to make it more enticing.

For Snacks


Yogurts come in different flavors. Let your toddler choose which flavor he likes best. Just make sure the yogurt he chooses is low fat, with minimal sugar and no added probiotics. This is a good source of calcium especially if your little one is not much of a milk drinker.

For Dinner


Naturally, nothing can beat vegetables as the number one healthy food choice for toddlers. They are all-natural and fresh that locks all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The key to getting your toddler to eat vegetables is to offer a wide range of selections. You can have a vegetable salad filled with different kinds of veggies, fruits and a few slices of pork or chicken. The more colorful, the better. Another favorite are finger food vegetables like carrots, corn, peas, potatoes and beans.

There are a lot of healthy food available for your toddler. The secret to letting him enjoy these meals is to introduce him to different choices each week. In this way, he gets used to it and determines which healthy foods are his favorite.

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