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How To Help Children With ADHD Succeed In School

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for a child to concentrate and control reactions to what is going on around him. ADHD can cause a toddler to have problems in school. But fortunately, parents can do something to help their children with ADHD flourish academically. Here are some strategies on how to help children with ADHD succeed in school.

Work With The School and Teachers

One way to help children with ADHD succeed in school is by communicating the toddler’s needs to the teachers and other school personnel. Make an appointment to speak with your toddler’s teacher and make sure you communicate often. Know your child’s schedule. Share information about your toddler’s condition. Create goals together. Discuss special accommodations for your toddler such as extra time to take tests, having him sit in front of the class and adult supervision. Teamwork is very important in helping your toddler achieve independence and academic success.

Know Your Toddler’s Strengths and Boundaries

Recognize your toddler’s weaknesses to avoid pressuring your little one. A toddler with ADHD who is constantly pressured is likely to have poor self-esteem. Once you have determined his limitations, do not dwell on them. Instead, focus more on his talents and strengths. Develop them and build your toddler’s self-confidence for future successes. For instance, if he is passionate about Lego’s, include Lego’s to his math lesson.

Set Reasonable Goals

Another tip on how to help children with ADHD succeed in school is by plotting reasonable goals. Doing this will be easy once you are aware of your toddler’s limits and strengths. Set goals that are achievable yet stimulating such as finishing his homework within a certain amount of time or without getting up from his seat or reading a harder book every month.

Keep It Short and Clear

When giving your toddler instructions, try to keep them brief yet clear. A toddler with ADHD will not do well when given lengthy directions. Hence, it would be best to keep them short and simple. Make sure you look your toddler in the eye when giving directions and have your toddler repeat them back to you.

Be Consistent

Toddlers with ADHD have difficulty with time management and getting organized. To help your toddler focus, establish a consistent daily routine. Create a chart and include things like homework, short breaks, playtime and even chores. See to it your toddler sticks to his schedule.

Remove Distractions

Children with ADHD are easily distracted. Thus, it is important that you remove anything that can divert your toddler’s attention. When he does his homework, turn the TV, radio and computer off or ask family members to lower down their voices. Keep his study area free from objects except his reading and writing materials.

Give Rewards

Rewarding your little one for his positive actions (e.g. getting three stars in his reading homework) go a long way in motivating a toddler with ADHD to do better. It can be as simple as cooking his favorite food for dinner, allowing him to eat ice cream for dessert, extra time for playing outside or watching TV.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

The most important tip anyone can give on how to help children with ADHD thrive in school is to give praise and encouragement. Appreciate your toddler’s accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be. Give him a hug and a kiss. Say “I love you.” often. Let him know you are proud of him. Toddlers get a kick out of hearing their parents gush about how happy they are. Positive reinforcement increases a toddler’s self-esteem and helps him realize that he is capable of doing well.

Bear in mind that there is no reason why a toddler with ADHD cannot succeed in school. All it takes is patience, effort, determination, a positive outlook and lots of loving and support.

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Increasing The Attention Span of Children With ADHD

Toddlers are hyperactive. Thus, they have a difficult time paying attention, especially children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Here are some simple steps you can follow to help build your toddler’s attention.

Establish A Routine

Toddlers with ADHD thrive on consistency. The more they know what to anticipate, the better they can follow. When giving your toddler instructions, make eye contact, talk clearly and keep your words short. Have him repeat the instructions out loud to ensure he understands what you expect from him. Creating a chart of his daily routine saying “Take a bath”, “Brush teeth”, “Eat breakfast”, “Reading time” and so on will help remind your toddler of what he has to do.

Focus On An Activity Your Toddler Enjoys

What activity does your toddler enjoy the most? If your toddler loves to sing, play catchy children’s songs and sing together. If he likes to read, read more often. If he enjoys role playing, get down on the floor and pretend play along with him. Whatever the activity, try to spend at least 15 minutes each day with your toddler without disruptions. This will help him focus more, minimizing the urge to get up to do something else.

Create A Special Place         

It can be his play area or your living room. Make sure that his special place is free from distractions such as the computer, television and toys. Having too many things going on around your little one can overwhelm him, preventing him from concentrating on one activity. Instead, supply this place with educational items such as papers, pencils, markers, crayons, puzzles, etc. Playing soft music on the background also helps improve his sensory integration skills. Allot regular breaks so he can eat, rest, take a nap or move around.

Read A Lot

Reading requires attention. The key to catching your toddler’s attention is to read short, colorful books or interactive books (e.g. books with flaps). Also, try not to talk after every sentence. This will cause more disruption. Talk about the book once you are done reading.

Limit TV Viewing

Is your little one more active after watching TV? If so, lessen the time he spends in front of a screen. Watching too much TV not only decreases his attention span but it also negative affects his mind and health. In addition, make sure to always screen the programs first if he does watch TV. Choose shows that tell a story (e.g. children’s shows) rather than shows with a fast pace (e.g. action movies).

Teach Your Toddler To Relax

A toddler with ADHD needs to learn how to relax. A calm child will be able to focus more and extend his attention span. Go outside, take a walk and let him inhale the fresh air. Give him a rubber item he can squeeze. Listen to classical music. Talk. Tell a story. Do activities that will surely keep your toddler laughing.

Most importantly, be there for your toddler. Praise him when he sticks to his rules or each time he completes a task. Punishing him will only create feelings of humiliation and low self-esteem which will only worsen his ADHD.

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