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Ways You Can Help Your Toddler Succeed In School

It is the dream of every parent to see their children succeed in school. However, in order to achieve that, parental support must be present. Here are some things you can do to help your toddler do well in school.

Be Involved

Children are more motivated to do well in their studies when parents take an active role in their education. Talk about school at home. Ask your toddler how his day went, what they did in class and what he learned over dinner or before tucking him to bed. Help him with his homework. Set a regular time for homework (e.g. before TV or play time) and create a cozy study area with no distractions. If he needs assistance, help him, but never do his assignments for him.

Go to PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings and school fairs or performances. Meet with his teacher frequently. Ask if the teacher needs help in preparing next week’s activities. Volunteer to be the chaperone during class field trips. This will help your toddler realize the value of school and how fun it can be and that you want him to try his best.

Help Your Toddler Feel Good About Himself

Ensure your little one gets adequate hours of sleep, a well-balanced diet and a good morning experience. Remind him that he is a good and smart child. A well-fed, well-rested, cheerful and motivated toddler will have no problem trying to perform his best in school.

Read A Lot

Reading provides a good start to a child’s educational foundation. Read together or encourage your toddler to read on his own. Do not just stick to books - read newspapers, magazines or leaflets. This will help broaden your toddler’s mind. Do not worry if he cannot understand every single word, what is important is that you are exposing him to a lot of materials which will help him build a larger vocabulary and develop better overall skills.

Show Support

Be your toddler’s number one cheerleader. It is easy to be happy when he gets an A in his Math quiz, but during difficult times, make sure you give your child a boost. If he does not understand his homework, go through it together or if he feels like giving up because he is not able to color inside the picture, assure him that it is okay and then help him do it step by step. Try not to focus too much on the negative as this can affect his self-confidence. Maybe all he needs is a little more time and practice.

Give Rewards

Rewards are incentives that never fail to motivate children to do well.  When your young one gets three stars for copying the words on the book flawlessly, offer a special prize. It can be as simple as buying him stickers, cooking his favorite food for dinner or allowing him to eat ice cream. Do not forget to give him a hug or a pat on the back and say “I am so proud of you.” or “Good job baby!”.

School is never easy for anyone, especially for toddlers who are still developing their skills. But, as long as parents are there to guide their children every step of the way and offer 100% of their support, succeeding in school will not be impossible.

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