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Handwriting For Kids – Six Steps For Better Handwriting

Is your toddler having problems with his handwriting? Here are some tips on handwriting for kids you can follow to help improve your toddler’s penmanship.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Practice your toddler’s grip by encouraging him to manipulate objects. Finger paint, use a hose to mist the plants, have him hold a spoon and fork or do craft projects that involve beads, beans, rice and shells. These activities help build your toddler’s fine motor skills and hand muscles essential in handwriting.

Have The Right Tools

Having the right writing tools can help hone your toddler’s handwriting. If he is struggling with a regular pencil, try a jumbo-sized pencil or better yet, a golf pencil which is smaller and lighter. A good eraser will be handy for erasing mistakes. Raised line papers will help your child learn correct sizing while alphabet books and tracing papers are great for outlining letters which helps him learn proper letter formation. In addition, supply your toddler with fun accessories such as pencil toppers, crayons, colored pencils, scented markers, gel pens and doodle pads to help him associate writing with fun.

Teach Proper Grip and Posture

Proper grip and posture are necessary in having a good handwriting. Show him the right way to write by sitting up straight and gripping the pen an inch from the tip. Index finger should be on top and the thumb underneath. The pencil should rest on the third finger and his non-writing hand must be at the top of the paper to keep the paper in place while elbow must be out and lightly resting on the table. After which, ask him to copy what you did.

Spot The Problem

Know the problem. Is your toddler having a hard time sizing letters, forming letters or lining words on the page? Knowing where your toddler is having the most difficulty is important so you know where to concentrate on.


Practice makes perfect. Start by making him write letter in groups of six. Ask him to make a set of swirls like cursive lower case “e’s”. Show him how punctuations are used in sentences. Ask your little one to write things for you. Dictate reminders, your home address, telephone number, shopping list. Write on a foggy mirror or give him a stick so he can write on a patch of mud. Another great idea is to help him write a letter or a short story. Giving him a diary is also a good technique to encourage your toddler to write.

Play Games

Hone your toddler’s spelling ability by playing fast-paced games. Take turns thinking of words that end with “-ight” or “-tion”. Play simple word puzzles, a game of hangman or anagram or ask him to jot down the things he sees in your home. See how many your little one can write correctly.

Most importantly, do not pressure your toddler too much if he still writes his “B” backwards even if you have been practicing for a week. Give him time and encouragement. Once your toddler gets the hang out of it, it will stick with him permanently.

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