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Social Development In Children – When A Toddler Feels Left Out

It is truly sad to see your toddler hurt and upset because he was ignored by his friends or excluded from playing a game. But, rejection is a normal part of the social development in children. Here are some ideas to help you ease your toddler’s pain.


As a parent, it is your obligation to be there for your toddler. Be patient and compassionate. When your toddler comes home crying because he did not get invited to his classmate’s birthday party, stop whatever you are doing, sit down together, let him talk and listen calmly and quietly. Being there for your toddler is the best way to reassure him that you will always be his friend, no matter what happens.

Know The Reason

Try to find out the reason behind the rejection and then explain it to your toddler. Was it because the celebrant was only permitted to invite a small number of guests or your toddler is not very close to the birthday celebrant unlike his other classmates? It is important to empathize with your child but it is also very crucial that you help your little one keep everything in perspective so you will not encourage your toddler’s depression or make him feel victimized. Help him think sensibly so he feels motivated to make his own decisions on how to handle rejection.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

It hurts to be left out and this can leave you with a wounded ego. Thus, it is important that you remind your toddler of all the unique traits he has. Spend more time with your toddler than usual. Make it a point to tell him that you love him and you are proud of him.

Model Social Practices

Not everyone is a social butterfly. But, you can help your toddler be more sociable by being friendly yourself. Make an effort to connect with your friends. Help out at your neighbourhood’s fundraising event. Invite your relatives to your home for dinner every week. If you are connected with the people around you, your toddler will also make an effort to be like you.

Offer An Outlet

Help your toddler deal with rejection positively. Have him join a playgroup. Enroll him in a class he is interested in so he can interact with other children who have the same interests as his. Encourage your child to be a volunteer at the animal shelter. Anything that will bring your toddler positive feedback will help boost his confidence and stop your toddler from thinking that there is something wrong with him.

Allow Venting

Most importantly, let your toddler throw a tantrum. Allow your toddler to feel sad, hurt or mad for being left out. Let him cry or stomp for a few minutes. Once he has calmed down, give him a big hug and help him think of ways to ease his grief.

Being left out is a part of life. It can be difficult to handle, especially for a young child. But by giving your toddler tools to cope with rejection, you will teach your toddler to be himself, whether he is accepted or left out.

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