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Nanny Care – Hiring Grandma To Be A Nanny

If you decide nanny care is the best childcare option for your toddler and you are thinking of hiring grandma to be the perfect caregiver, here are some things you should consider to make this set-up work.

Ask The Question

Never assume your mother will be thrilled to spend her days looking after her grandchild. As much as your mother loves your toddler, your mom has her own life and she might be hesitant to be your toddler’s nanny since she does not have the energy of a 25-year old anymore. Talk it out with your mother and pop the question nicely.

Lay Ground Rules

Sure, hiring grandma to be a nanny will save you the hassle of explaining the requirements of her job. But the problem is, you have different opinions and parenting approaches. Thus, it is very crucial that you keep her aware of your expectations. How can you do this without hurting your mother’s feelings? Simple. Have a clear and open line of communication. Discuss house rules, limitations, routines and discipline style with her. If your mother objects, hear her out. For instance, if she wants to extend your toddler’s TV time to 40 minutes, let her. But, ask her to implement this only twice a week. Compromise and collaboration will keep your relationship peaceful.

Come Up With A Payment Plan

Naturally, your mother will reject receiving money from you. But, you can talk about some kind of compensation such as taking her out to dinner once a week, getting her car washed, giving her gift certificates to her favorite boutique or salon or gifting her with a paid vacation.

Do A Dry Run

Before you go back to work, ask grandma to spend a few days helping you with your toddler so she will know your toddler’s daily routine, favorite toys, how to install a car seat, where things are stored, when your toddler is likely to have an outburst, how you deal with it and so on.

Be Open

Be flexible and show respect. Your mother may have some valuable advice that would be helpful for your little one. If grandma did something you did not like, ask her why she did it and then ask her to do it differently the next time. Or, if she wants to take your toddler to the mall and have lunch there, there is no need to protest as long as she knows not to give your toddler sweets.

Arrange Backup Care

It is very essential that you look for backup care in case your mother gets sick, goes on a vacation or has something important to do. You can also hire a part-time babysitter to assist grandma or so she can have afternoons off.

Keep in mind that hiring grandma to be the nanny is not always the perfect solution for every family. This arrangement may be hassle-free for your friend but may not work for you. Before making a decision, make sure you consider your child, your family and your grandma’s needs.

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