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Tips For Buying A Double Toddler Stroller

A double toddler stroller provides the convenience of transporting two children at the same time. With a lot of options to choose from, how can you determine which stroller is the best for your children? Here are some tips.

Tip # 1: Choose A Style

First, you need to decide whether you want a tandem or side by side double stroller.

  • Tandem (Front-to-Back) Style – toddlers both face forward with the back seat slightly elevated to offer a better view, easily fits entryways and pathways as the width is the same size with a single stroller, best used if you have an older child and a baby
  • Side-by-Side Style – children sit next to each other, best for twins or toddlers of similar size and weight, slightly smaller than a tandem stroller and more compact allowing easier maneuverability

Tip # 2: Check The Wheels

When looking for a double toddler stroller, make sure to inspect what the wheels are made of. Go for a double stroller with wheels made of air and foam instead of plastic. This way, in case your stroller tires have to be changed, you can simply send it to your nearest bike shop instead of sending the stroller back to the manufacturer and wait for a week or two to get it back which is too much of a hassle.

Tip # 3: Make Sure It Is Compact and Easy To Store

Double strollers are normally wider, longer and heavier than traditional strollers. Go for a double stroller that is easy to fold, lightweight enough for traveling and can fit in the trunk of your car. Imagine having two fussy children and a stroller you have to take apart just to make it fit in the trunk, terrifying isn’t it?

Tip # 4: Look For A Stroller With Ample Storage Space

Going out with your toddlers mean bringing a lot of things with you. In order for you to focus more on your children and to avoid looking haggard, choose a double toddler stroller that provides plenty of storage space. There must be storage compartments present above and under the stroller so you can stash your toddlers’ essentials (e.g. books, towel or toys) as well as your personal items (e.g. keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.) and a snack tray. In addition, check the handle to see if you can drape a bag.

Tip # 5: Check It Before You Buy It

Most importantly, ensure the safety of the stroller. It should have a 5-point safety harness, individual reclining seats, thick padding, a canopy to shade your toddlers from the sun and rain, separate footrests, locking handle bars and wheels and wheel brakes to ensure durability and security. Check for age and weight restrictions. Look for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) seal to make sure the stroller has passed federal safety standards.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when buying a double stroller so you and your precious angels are happy, comfortable and safe.

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