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Fun Activities To Improve Writing Skills of Preschoolers

Writing is an important part of everyday life. However, it is a skill that is learned one step at a time. Here are eight activities to improve writing skills of preschoolers.

Experiment With Surfaces

White paper is a must. But, why not let your preschooler write on chalkboards, dry erase boards, easels, walls and sidewalks. Just buy washable paints, markers, crayons, chalks and pens if you are concerned about the mess. For sure, your toddler will have lots of fun while enhancing his writing and creative skills at the same time.

Modeling Clay

Start by making big flashcards with basic words or letters of the alphabet. Then roll out thin strips of clay. Have your toddler trace the letters or words on the cards using the strips of clay. This activity not only helps him identify words but also helps hone muscles in his fingers, boosting the fine motor skills he will need for writing.

Letter Stencils

Start out by spelling out his name with the stencils. Give your toddler a jumbo crayon or maker for a solid grip. Then assist your little one in tracing along the inside of the letter stencils. Let him doodle around or color the letters after tracing. This helps enhance your toddler’s letter identification skills while letting him practice outlining the shape of the letters.

Writing Tray

Help your little one make letters and words by giving him a tray filled with salt or sand. Ask your preschooler to draw curves, lines and other shapes in the salt or sand that are similar to letters or numbers. He can use his hand to wipe out the marking if he wants to start over.  If you do not mind cleaning up, glitter, pancake batter, candy sprinkles, shaving cream and whipped cream also works for this activity.

Keep A Diary

Toddlers love writing in a journal. Give your toddler a small diary (preferably one with a lock and a key) and encourage your toddler to write a few words or a sentence every day or two. Give him different writing tools to keep the activity fun. Make diary writing a part of his bedtime routine. If he is having trouble getting started, you can ask him to write what he did for the day.

Play Games

One effective way to improve writing skills of toddlers is playing word-based games such as Hangman and crossword puzzles. Or, why not let your toddler use the computer and check-out websites that focus on helping preschoolers improve their writing. Online games such as Bookworm, Tumble Bees, Word Hunt and Zoodles are great learning tools that enrich writing as well as reading skills.

Pretend Play

Pretend play is also a great activity for honing a toddler’s writing abilities. For instance, you can build a pretend restaurant and provide your toddler with a small notepad or a magic drawing board so he can write down the order.

Write Letters

Encourage your toddler to write notes to daddy, grandma or a sick playmate. Have him write thank you notes when he receives gifts from family and friends. Helping him write a grocery list or filling out an order form also helps.

It might take some time for your toddler to perfect his writing, but these activities will help make his practice entertaining and exciting.

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