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Activities That Boost Motor Development In Children

Sitting, standing, crawling, running and head control are just some motor skills children need to master as early as possible. Thus, it is very essential for toddlers to have ample opportunities to exercise these skills every day. Here are a few ideas that can help improve motor development in children.

Put On Some Music

Take advantage of your stereo at home and put on some music and dance with your little one. Interactive songs such as “Patty Cake”, “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes” or “Ten Little Indians” are creative ways for your toddler to use his hands and bounce and wriggle to music which enhances his gross motor skills. Use instruments to make it more fun. You can make your own instruments – a bottle filled with coins can be a noisemaker, pots and spoons can be drums and string bells to thick paper plates to make a tambourine.

Coloring and Writing

Toddlers love to draw, write and color. Give him a pencil and a piece of paper. Draw a circle or any shape and have him copy it. Give him a coloring book and jumbo sized crayons. Show your toddler how to color inside the borders of a picture. Have your toddler draw or color on the floor. These activities teaches your toddler to hold objects properly which helps improve his grasping skills and reinforces the hips and shoulders, improving stability.


Practice your toddler’s walking and running skills by exercising. Walk on different surfaces such as sand, gravel, grass and smooth concrete to help perfect his balance. Climb up and down the stairs together. Play with large balls and ask your toddler to kick the balls, throw them back and forth and catch them to increase hand-eye coordination. Jump with your toddler. Let him ride a children’s bike or tricycle to get him used to pushing his foot forward on a pedal which strengthens leg muscles.

Dumping and Filling

Place an empty container or box and different items (e.g. plastic spoons, forks, cups, blocks or toys) in front of your toddler. Ask him to sort out the objects by color, size, and shape.

Household Chores

Give your toddler simple household chores such as sorting laundry, dusting, sweeping, setting the table and putting away groceries. These chores will get your toddler’s body moving as he bends, squats and stretches. Not only will this hone your little one’s motor skills but it will also give him a sense of pride for being mommy’s little helper.

Play With Toys

Stack blocks to build a tower. Blow bubbles. Have him squeeze a plush toy, a ball or squirt water from a washcloth. String large beads. Work on a simple puzzle together.

Play Games

There are countless children’s games that help increase gross motor skills. Games such as “Follow The Leader”, “Hide and Seek”, “Duck Duck Goose”, “Hot Potato”, “Simon Says,”, jump rope and hop scotch are simple, interactive games your toddler will enjoy. Role play with your child by putting on a puppet show. These games not only help develop motor skills but also improves your toddler’s social skills.

Motor skills help individuals perform multiple tasks appropriately and contribute to a person’s overall well-being. With the help of the tips above, you can help him develop this skill at an early age.

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