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How To Keep Kids Safe This Winter

It is that time of year again for gifts, building snowmen, snowball fights, sledding and the flu. Having a sick toddler can take the fun out of this special season. But luckily, these tips can keep kids safe this winter.

Keep Your Toddler Warm

Keep your toddler warm by dressing him in layers. A long-sleeved shirt, pants and jacket or sweatshirt will provide adequate warmth to your little one. Do not forget to let him wear gloves, bonnet, a neck gaiter and closed shoes.

Offer Healthy Meals

A toddler who eats nutritious food has a stronger immune system. So make sure your little one is eating right by offering him full servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Foods that are immune boosters and rich in vitamins and minerals include broccoli, carrots, corn, potatoes, pepper, spinach, citrusy fruits (e.g. grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate and pomelo), fish, cereal, chicken, meat and milk.

Practice Regular Hand Washing

Regular hand washing is the simplest way to keep germs and viruses at bay. Teach your little one to wash his hands with soap and water before he eats, after he plays, uses the toilet and each time his hands are dirty. Handwashing should last for 20 seconds. Have him sing the “Happy Birthday” song so he will not get bored. Oh, and do not forget to wash your hands as well.

Get Flu Shots

It is hard to protect your toddler from cold and flu during winter season. Visit your doctor to see to it his vaccinations are up to date. Have your toddler and each member of the household vaccinated with the current flu shots.


Make sure your toddler takes plenty of fluids – chicken soup, milk, an electrolyte solution and water (at least 8 glasses of water each day). Having sufficient fluids into his system helps wash out toxins, keeping your little one healthy. Reduce intake of sugary and caffeinated drinks as these can cause dehydration.

Get Plenty of Rest

See to it your toddler gets enough rest. The more rest he gets, the better the chance for his body to develop a strong defense to fight off germs. An early bedtime during winter should be enforced. Encourage him to take at least 2 short naps each day.

Encourage Outdoor Play

Instead of making your toddler stay at home and watch TV or play video games, send him outside to play. Better yet, play outside with your child. He may not be able to stay out long, but at least the physical activity will get his heart pumping. Just be sure to clear your driveway and pathway first to keep accidents at bay.

Keep Your Home Clean

Moist air increases the chances of germs to breed and spread. Take time to clean your house regularly. Disinfect and keep surfaces dry as possible to avoid mold and mildew from growing.

Winter is one of the most exciting seasons for toddlers. So make sure to keep your toddler healthy and safe so he can enjoy the moment.

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