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How to Pick The Right Kids Sports Shoes

Toddlers are very active by nature. They do a lot of physical activities to satiate their raving energy. Hence, getting the correct kids sports shoes is very important to give their feet the right support and ample prevention from injuries. Here are some tips to help you select the right footwear so your toddler can be active with comfort and confidence.

Measure His Feet

There are three ways in getting a toddler’s shoe size. First, you may position your toddler’s foot on a sheet of paper and let your child stand straight and comfortably. Mark the end of the toes and the heel on the paper with a pen or pencil. Next, measure the space from the heel mark to the toe mark. If your toddler’s feet have two different sizes, choose the bigger size. Second, you can use a measuring tape and a conversion chart to get the exact size. Or, just bring your toddler along so he can have his feet measured with the help of a measuring scale available in shoe shops.

To ensure longevity of the shoes, make sure to buy sports shoes that is one-half size bigger than his current shoe size. In this way, you will not have to buy a new pair once his feet outgrows them.

Buy Shoes According to Your Toddler’s Sport

Different sports require different types of shoes. To make sure your toddler can properly function while ensuring superior feet support, purchase various pairs of athletic shoes that are specific to the sport your little one will be wearing them for. For instance, if your toddler takes basketball and soccer classes, buy basketball shoes that features an ankle support, overall weight reduction, a rubber base to create a wide grip and a steady base and special anti-microbial protection to provide proper air circulation to keep your toddler’s feet free from bacteria and odors. Soccer shoes must be made from leather or synthetic materials, have cleats that dig into the surface of the field and gel-like insoles for maximum comfort.

Examine The Construction

Inspect the shoe itself. It should have a firm heel counter (stiff material on either side of the heel), ample padding of the insole and a built-in arch. Shoes must be flexible enough to bend where the foot bends - at the ball of the foot (not in the middle of the shoe). There are various brands of toddler sports shoes so see to it to scan their selections first before making a decision as most designer sports shoes manufacture different kinds of running and tennis shoes with varying levels of comfort and feet protection. Check the shoes’ exterior and interior stitching. There should be no pins and other unnecessary materials used that could cause irritation.

Do A Test Trail

Before you walk to the cashier and pay his shoes, make sure to test out the shoes to ensure the quality and fit. Using both hands, squeeze the shoes to check if there is one-half inch of space between the tip and the end of the shoes. Let your toddler walk around the store for a few minutes wearing the shoes with normal socks. Ask how the shoes feel and if he can comfortably wiggle his toes in the shoe. Let your toddler jump or run around the store to make sure the shoes will not slip off at the heels with the slightest movement. Look for signs of irritation on his feet after he test drives it. If you see red marks on his ankles and feet, then get another pair.

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