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Ten Toddler Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Children are prone to sickness. But, how will you know if it is something serious? Here are ten toddler symptoms you must never ignore.

Symptom # 1: A Temperature Higher Than 103 degrees Fahrenheit

A temperature over 103 degrees Fahrenheit is an indication that your toddler has a fever and a bacterial infection. It is very important that you call your doctor immediately as the infection can spread throughout the body and there is a big chance he can have a seizure. But if your toddler has a high temperature yet he seems to be fine, you do not have to worry too much. However, you still have to talk to your doctor for guidance.

Symptom # 2: Widespread Rash

If the rash covers your toddler’s entire body and looks like tiny red dots, a bruise or bulls-eye, it can be a sign your toddler has meningitis, Lyme disease, blood disorder or is allergic to something. He should be checked by the doctor especially if your toddler has bouts of vomiting or has trouble breathing.

Symptom # 3: Difficulty Breathing

If your toddler starts to rapidly breathe or struggle for air and he turns blue, he may have a respiratory illness such as asthma, bronchitis, croup, pneumonia or whooping cough. Ignoring these symptoms can cause dizziness, brain injury and heart failure.

Symptom # 4: Sudden Abdomen Pain

Stomach pain can either be a sign of gastroenteritis or stomach flu accompanied by fever and vomiting or appendicitis (if he feels pain on the lower right side of his stomach) followed by diarrhea, vomiting and then fever. If it is appendicitis, it can spread rapidly so early treatment is needed. It can also be intussusception (a condition in which one part of the intestine slides to the other).

Symptom # 5: New or Changing Mole

Check your toddler’s moles. If a mole appears to have an uneven shape, is elevated or has a different color, this can be a sign of skin cancer.

Symptom # 6: Blood In Urine and Stool

If your toddler urinates or poops and you see blood, this can mean he has UTI (urinary tract infection), intestinal infection or hemorrhoid. Seek medical help at once.

Symptom # 7: A Cut That Is Gaping

A cut that gapes open and does not stop bleeding may require adhesive bandage (for minor cuts) or skin glue and stitches (for major cuts) in order to stop infection.

Symptom # 8: Bad Headache

Headaches often go away after resting or drinking pain reliever. But if your toddler suffers a headache for hours to the point he cannot function properly, this could be a sign of migraine or a brain condition (if headache is accompanied by blurred vision and confusion). Immediate evaluation is needed.

Symptom # 9: Dry Mouth, Lips and Skin

These are warning signs of dehydration. You can give your toddler an electrolyte solution in small amounts to replenish lost fluids in his body. However, if his eyes look hollow and he does not urinate often, take him to the hospital to avoid shock.

Symptom # 10: Liquid Oozes Out of Your Toddler’s Ears

When you notice a white or yellowy liquid coming out of his ears, your toddler has ear infection. A ruptured eardrum can be treated by antibiotics or ear drops.

Parents should always exercise extra caution when it comes to their children. So if you notice something yet you are unsure, it is best to ask for professional advice. This way, even if the doctor tells you there is nothing to be worried about, at least you are assured your toddler is healthy and safe.

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