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Kitchen Safety For Kids Who Cook

Most children love watching and helping their parents in the kitchen. Thus, it is very important for parents to teach their toddlers the value of safe cooking. Here are some easy-to-follow tips about kitchen safety for kids.

Keep Your Kitchen Child-friendly

The kitchen is probably the most unsafe place in your home so it is good to be conscious of the hazards so you can try to minimize them. Before you start cooking with your little chef, make sure the kitchen is as safe as possible. That means:

  • The floor should be dry and free from spills and blockages to avert tripping or skidding.
  • Small appliances should be kept away from water.
  • Cover all unused outlets with plastic outlet covers.
  • Check cords to ensure they will not spark and keep electrical cords out of reach.
  • Sharp utensils and chemicals (e.g. bleach, disinfectant, detergent, etc.) should be properly put away in a safe and locked cupboard.
  • Keep pan or pot handles to the side or back of the hub to avoid burning or scalding.

Watch Your Toddler

When you are working with a toddler in the kitchen, anything can happen, so see to it that you keep a close eye on him and never leave him alone while food is cooking. Your toddler can cut himself with a knife or knock oil into the stove and start a fire when left unattended.

Provide Your Toddler Kitchen Utensils Designed For Children

Use age-appropriate cooking materials so your toddler can use them easily and safely. Use plastic or rubber utensils, measuring cups, mixing bowls and other cookware items that are lightweight. Lightweight products are safer for your little one, unlike a heavy glass bowl, when dropped, can cause disastrous kitchen accidents. Buy him a cutting board that will not skid around and kitchen knives for children like the Curious Chef Nylon Knife Set which are very safe, BPA-free and are approved by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Give Limits

Yes, allowing your little one to help you in the kitchen is a fun way to bond but make sure you inform him what he can and cannot do. Let him know that sharp objects and the stove, oven and other appliances are off-limits. Do not let him help you cook anything on the stove nor assist you in using appliances (e.g. microwave, mixer or blender). Be clear about when it is okay and not okay to stick and lick fingers and that he should never touch anything if his hands are wet.

Teach Your Toddler To Clean Up

Ensure that your toddler washes his hands before and after handling food and utensils. Teach him the significance of cleaning up spills and messes as they occur. Messes and spills are hazards for slipping and they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep a mop or a towel handy for easy cleanups.


Never assume your toddler understands kitchen products or will know what to do in the kitchen. Take the time to explain the function of the kitchen, the use of each product, the proper way to use them and what will happen in case he plays with them. Also, teach your toddler what to do in case accidents happen (e.g. cuts, scalding or fire).

By following these safety guidelines, cooking with your toddler will be enjoyable and safe.

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