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Ways to Improve The Learning Styles of Children

Each person learns differently. For your toddler, a certain learning style may work on his playmate but may not work on him. He may learn best when lessons are orally done, through visual representations, auditory lectures or through hands-on activities. Knowing which type of learning style your toddler can easily adapt to can help him engage better in the educational process which in turn increases his development more proficiently.

The learning styles of children must be able to work with them fittingly. Hence, implementing various techniques to help lessen your little one’s burden and increase the effectiveness of his learning style is essential. Here are some tips to help you improve your toddler’s preferred learning style.

Improving Your Toddler’s Learning Style

If your toddler’s learning style is…


Since your little one functions best with sound, involve his playtime with audio learning materials. Read books aloud. Afterwards, you can hold discussions and lectures to help him internalize his learning’s better. Use nursery rhymes and songs to help him identify the alphabet, the different sounds of animals and so on. Because he is an auditory learner, music will help him retain what he has learned better. Instead of regular books, go for audio books with taped lessons. Encourage your toddler to compose his own song. Discuss his lessons with him. This will boost his retention skills and help him remember his lessons well.

Kinaesthetic or Tactile

If your toddler is a very bouncy tot who cannot sit still in one place for a period of time, what he needs is a hands-on experience. Utilize his short attention span with a lot of physically demanding activities. Cook his favorite food together. To practice his writing, let him write and rewrite his lessons. Use a whiteboard to make problem solving enjoyable. Go outdoors. Visit the park, the zoo or your town’s local science museum. Incorporate demonstrations by holding experiments. Give him a plant and assign him to grow and tend it. As the plant grows, he learns how it develops which makes him understand things better.

Visual and Nonverbal

Pictures, charts, maps and graphs are his best companions. He has to have a quiet space in the house where he can study peacefully. Buy coloring books or use flashcards to help him determine and visualize animals, numbers and shapes better. Print printable pictures and let him color it. Let him make his own visual aid (e.g. flow charts) to help him recap what he has learned. Go to toddler websites which have downloadable videos. Or, why not go out and see a child-friendly movie. This will surely entice him and satiate his wandering mind.

Visual and Verbal

If your little one learns best through verbal or written representations, maximize children’s books and textbooks. Let him write his own notes in an index card. The more written information he sees, the more likely he will memorize it. Install a blackboard at home or make a PowerPoint presentation filled with pictures and words. Give him a colorful marker which he can use to underline important parts of a book.

The secret to making the most out of your toddler’s learning style is to incorporate fun activities. The learning’s he will acquire not only helps him with his education but with his personal life as well.

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