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Top Five Lesson Plans For Toddlers

During your child’s toddler years, it is important to keep his mind active. As a parent, you need to cultivate and motivate your toddler’s thirst for learning. Hence, you should always be on the lookout for fun and stimulating educational activities. Finding a good lesson plan will help you keep your little one entertained while at the same time stimulate his mind in preparation for preschool.

Being exposed to various lesson plans for toddlers will greatly benefit your child. These lesson plans are directed towards a structured and natural advancement of skills that is imperative to his learning process. Choose lesson plans that are appropriate for his age. Optimize his strengths, work on his weaknesses. And, focus on the most important parts of learning. Here is a list of the five best lesson plans for toddlers.

Lesson Plan # 1: Toddler Daily Lessons

Toddler daily lesson plans practices your little one’s skills by doing activities that he normally does on a daily basis. Also known as a daily life skill plan, this lesson plan is an excellent introduction to help your toddler easily adjust minus the pressure.

Simple activities such as washing of the hands, sweeping the floor, wiping the table, transferring one toy to another box helps him improve his motor and fine motor skills. Popular children songs and nursery rhymes involving finger play are incorporated to make your toddler dance and sing along to the music improving his sensory and retention of the alphabet, numbers, body parts and so on. Interactive books with music and foldable picture flaps are used to make your toddler read along with you enhancing his vocabulary, grammar and reading skills.

Lesson Plan # 2: Creative Resources For Infants and Toddlers

A well-loved book of toddler lesson plans by Judy Herr and Terri Swim. It centers on building a strong base for the interrelating, learning and thinking progression of children. This is a lesson plan that provides tips on how to spot your toddler’s developmental characteristics on a weekly and monthly basis along with fun and easy-to-do activities to help nurture your little one’s traits. This book also holds advanced recommendations (e.g. website links) to help you improve your teaching style.

Lesson Plan # 3: Itty Bitty Bookworm

A lesson plan that is focused on enriching toddler’s literacy and language skills to help boost other skills. Itty Bitty Bookworm is an easy, structured, teach-yourself lesson plan. A different book is used every week and all the exercises and projects done are focused around the story. Because toddlers function best with a book, the activities done boosts his creativity and allows him to play and discover things on his own.

Lesson Plan # 4: The Complete Resource Book For Toddlers and Twos

A book by Pam Schiller, this is a lesson curriculum that touches each part of your toddler’s development. In here, you will find 100 daily lessons about arts, crafts, songs, topics and activities all equally divided into different projects he can work solo or with a group. This will surely catch your toddler’s interest and will keep him busy and entertained for hours.

Lesson Plan # 5: Total Learning: Developmental Curriculum For The Young Child

A lesson plan created by Joanne Hendrick, it is a book that is aimed to help parents come up with their own lesson plan using the countless projects and topics found in the book. Instead of the book instructing you what to do, it assists you in creating an organized lesson plan based on your toddler’s budding interests, his needs and necessary improvements. Plus, it uses fill in the blanks, multiple choice and true or false self-exams to test your toddler’s learning.

With the help of lesson plans, your toddler’s learning and growth expands. Hence, it is essential that you make sure the lesson plan you pick for him fits his personality and needs perfectly.

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