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How To Make Exercise For Children Fun

One of the keys to teaching children the importance of health is through exercising. However, when they hear the word exercise, the word punishment also comes to mind. There are several ways to make exercise for children fun. Maybe these tips can help you out.

Turn It Into A Family Activity

They say the more, the merrier. This adage is really spot on when it comes to exercising. What better way to make exercise fun for your toddler than to get the entire family involved. Family involvement can be the best motivator to encourage your toddler to exercise. If the whole family is playing a game, your little one is more likely to join in and enjoy himself. So do not just say “Go outside and play.”. Jog or walk around the neighbourhood together. Play tag or hide and seek. Pick up your soccer ball and head outside.

Play Different Fun Games

Children love games so expect your toddler to be engrossed for hours. Think of various physically demanding games that are appealing and challenging. Badminton, basketball, football, Frisbee and soccer are great games that will surely get your toddler’s blood pumping.

Hold A Field Trip

Field trips are exciting. Discover new and exciting places whether by foot or by bicycle. Take a walk and go a different route than you normally do or go biking on a Saturday afternoon. Uncovering new ground allows your toddler to exercise and explore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Arrange Play Dates

Play dates are an effective way to make toddlers exercise. Invite your neighbour’s kids over to your house and organize games that require teamwork and physical activity (running, jumping, walking and hoping). Here are some fun play date games to try:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Capture The Flag – Divide them into 2 teams. Both teams should have a flag on opposite ends of the field. The first team to capture the others flag and bring it back to their base is the winner.
  • Duck Duck Goose - Let everyone sit in a circle. One person stands up to pat each head and say “duck, duck, duck”. The toddler will touch another child’s head and that toddler should get up and catch the other kids before the “it” toddler can run to the open spot and sit down. If they beat the goose (the “it” toddler), they get to sit while another toddler selects the goose.

Find A Sport Your Toddler Is Interested In

Does your toddler love to waddle in the pool, kick and throw balls or dance? Why not take advantage of your toddler’s interest and sign him up for classes and lessons. He can join a swimming, dancing, soccer, basketball, tennis or football workshop. This is the best way to get your toddler to exercise. Plus, it will hone important skills that will be very beneficial for his development.

Keep in mind that exercise for children is not about lifting weights or running on the treadmill. In order to make toddlers interested, a lot of fun and exciting activities must be incorporated.

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