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Where to Buy Organic Clothes For Your Toddler Online

Conventional toddler clothes mostly seen in stores and shopping malls contain hazardous dyes, pesticides and heavy metals that are not only itchy to use but are also bad for a child’s body as it contains toxins that can spread out to the skin and cause allergic reactions and side effects. Hence, it is imperative choose clothes carefully. With the help of organic clothes, you can assure your toddler’s health and happiness is in safe hands.

Ecobaby Organics

The only company to send their materials for third party testing, Ecobaby Organics started as a family business in the United States 16 years ago. This store has won over 25 organic certifications making them the best producers of organic toddler clothes. They have a wide selection of clothes only made from 100% cotton and other organic growing fruits and plants like banana, peas and plum, perfect for newborns, infants and toddlers. Clothes are very affordable as their items cost less than $50. Your toddler gets to stay hip, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Look Organics

Launched in 2004, the Look Organics children’s line was created by Josie Jesser. Look organics produces well-tailored, sleek and one-of-a-kind toddler clothes out of the best organic low impact dyed fabrics available. This organic clothing line is well-known for its streamlined crisp white button down polo’s, oxford shirts, jumpers and jackets.

Organic Baby Wearhouse

Organic Baby Wearhouse is one of the most popular Eco-friendly online stores that sell organic kids clothing in the U.S. All of their products are made from Oeko Tex 100 Certified Organic Cotton that is developed without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides and toxins. This online shop ensures every parent that no chemical and metal contaminants can come near your precious one. Since clothes are manufactured from pure cotton, they are hypoallergenic, perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin. Not only does it nourish your toddler’s health but they also help save Mother Nature from further damage. Plus, you get value for your money as each clothing is guaranteed to be durable and strong. Ideal for toddlers ages 2 and above, they offer quality clothes in the most stylish designs. You can choose from their cotton tanks, swing jacket, flare pants, reversible dress and long sleeves.


Scout knows that real kids want to wear real clothes. Hence, they have created toddler clothes that are modern without overwhelming the primary function of clothes - to keep toddlers safe and protected at all times. Scout clothes are very comfy so your toddler will surely want to wear them every day and every night. They cater to babies, boys and girls from newborn to age 8. Scout collection offers play clothes, coats, pants, shorts, night wear, dresses, t-shirts and onesies.

Sustainable Kids

Sustainable kids is an online store with a cause. With style and Mother Nature in mind, this organic toddler clothing line only uses hemp blends, organic cotton and recycled yarns. Printing inks are lead and phthalate-free. Dyes are certified by GOTS. They accept custom design and wholesale orders. They also have the “double-gifting” program which enables toddlers to donate items to underprivileged countries across the globe.

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