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Helping Your Toddler Prepare For A Newborn

Welcoming a new baby may be a joyous time for you and your husband, but for your toddler, it may mean a lot of unwanted changes especially since he has been the star of the family for some time. It is important that he understands this transition. Read on for tips on how you can help your toddler prepare for a newborn.

Introduce Your Toddler To Your Unborn Baby

Explain to your little one that inside mommy’s tummy is a tiny baby boy or girl that he can play with. Introducing your toddler to your unborn baby allows your toddler to adjust with the changes without feeling pressured. Let him stroke your tummy or let him come near your tummy so he can hear the baby and feel the baby kick. This way, your toddler can start developing a feeling of anticipation and gradual acceptance that the family will welcome a new bundle of joy in the coming months.

Tell Stories

Tell your toddler what a baby is like. Toddlers love stories and one of the best ways to prepare your toddler is by sharing stories of when he was still inside your womb and what he was like when he was a baby. Show him his ultrasound photos and his baby pictures. Let him know that as a baby, he used to cry, eat and sleep a lot and that he looked so adorable each time he tried raising his leg so he can reach his toes. The little details will keep your toddler aware what a baby will be like and since this is also a new milestone in his life, this will fascinate and excite him.

Ask For His Help

Involve your toddler when preparing for your new baby’s arrival. Seek his advice. Let him accompany you when you shop for baby items. Allow him to choose the color of the clothes he wants the baby to wear. Give him a task at home. Assign him to put all of the baby’s clothes in the drawer. Put him in charge of counting baby bottles. Asking for your toddler’s participation shows him that you value his opinion and that even if a new baby is coming, your love for him will remain unconditional.

Surround Him With Friends

Invite your friends with babies and toddlers his age to your house. Have him play with your neighbors’ kids more often. If he is old enough, enroll him in a day care center. This gives your little one time to bond with his peers who may have siblings. This will also serve as an eye-opener that while the spotlight may not be centered solely on him anymore, everything is still perfectly fine and it will not hurt to share the attention with others.

Let Him Pick Out A Present

Have him buy the baby a special present. Or get crafty and let him make a banner, collage, drawing or anything that will serve as his welcome present. Your little one can give it to the baby on the day of the birth. Be sure to buy one for him as well, from the new baby.

Spend One On One Time With Him

Set an alone time a few minutes each day with your toddler. Use this time to focus on your toddler and stop doing anything baby-related for the mean time. Help him finish his jigsaw puzzle, prepare his favorite food, talk and cuddle. This time will make him feel special and assure him you are his mommy and he is your baby.

To allow your toddler to welcome the new baby with open arms, he must be emotionally ready. Prepare your toddler as early as possible to make the transition easier for the whole family.

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