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Tips For Choosing Preschool Lunch Boxes

Now that your toddler is starting preschool, he will need a container to hold his eats and keep them fresh until lunchtime. Nowadays, it is not enough to pack a child’s lunch in a brown bag. You have to buy a lunch box that fits your preschooler’s personal style but is totally functional. Here are some things to consider when choosing preschool lunch boxes.

Consider What You Will Put Inside

Not all preschool lunch boxes are the same. Thus, you have to figure out what your preschooler will be having for lunch every day. Once you have figured that out, it is time to pick which type suits your little luncher best.

If you will be packing lunch food that can break or smash, choose a classic lunch box. Classic lunch boxes are available in metal or plastic. They are very sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, they are offered in different colors and designs so your toddler will surely love toting one with his favorite cartoon character’s photo plastered on it. But since they are not insulated, you will need to put an ice pack to preserve your toddler’s food.

If you are packing your toddler’s lunch in plastic containers, a soft lunch box will do. You can take your pick from insulated lunch boxes which keep food fresh, hot or cold for a long time. They are made from polyester, available in cute designs and are machine-washable. However, these bags easily stain and most models have zippers which can be difficult for your preschooler to manuever. Uninsulated lunch boxes are made from vinyl-treated, coated cotton or oilcloth bag. They are lightweight, a cinch to clean and great for tiny hands with their easy to open and close Velcro. The only downside to uninsulated lunch boxes is that it does not have insulation. You will have to buy an ice pack if you put meat and dairy.

Get The Right Size

Size matters when it comes to preschool lunch boxes. Go for a preschool lunch box that is spacious enough to accommodate your toddler’s lunch food, water bottle and juice yet small enough that the contents will not move around when jostled. Also, getting the right size is very important so your little one will not need wheels to bring it to school.

Choose A Design Your Toddler Likes

Your preschooler will be the one carrying the lunch box so see to it that the lunch box you choose pleases your toddler’s taste and complements your toddler’s personality. There are so many cool designs on the market from cartoon characters, superheroes, animals, nature, musical instruments, vehicles, robots, stripes, fairies, florals and so on. Preschool lunch boxes are also available in almost every color, from neutrals to brights to pastels. If you are having a hard time selecting a design your little luncher will love, bring your toddler to the store.

But beyond the design, choose a preschool lunch box that is easy for your little one to handle. Lunch boxes with a fold over the top Velcro closure are ideal for smaller children than lunch boxes with zipper closures.

Make Sure It Is Safe

The most important consideration parents should make when choosing preschool lunch boxes is the safety of the lunch box. If you plan on buying a preschool lunch box made of vinyl or plastic, see to it that it is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), lead and phthalate free as this can be harmful for your toddler’s health and well-being. Most preschool lunch boxes today were made to meet child safety requirements, but just double check the label or ask to make sure there will be no future problems.

Preschool lunch boxes are a fantastic gear for storing and preserving a toddler’s food and drink. Choose one that will reflect your toddler’s inner self. If your preschooler loves carrying it to school, he will be more than glad to eat the healthy lunch inside.

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