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Effective Rewards For Kids To Encourage Good Behaviour

There are many ways to discipline children. One of the most effective methods is to give rewards. Rewards can help children improve and learn new, good behaviours and habits and repress undesirable ones. Here are some effective rewards for kids to encourage them to do well and be good without promoting materialism.

Simple Privileges

Give your toddler simple privileges when he behaves such as extending his time when playing outside, extra 15 minutes of TV and game time, staying up past his bedtime, picking the dessert for dinner and feeding the family pet. Giving these kind of rewards not only teaches your little one positive behaviour but also helps your toddler learn to take on new obligations.


Organize outings. For instance, if your toddler kept his bedroom clean for a month, take him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant or to an amusement park, museum or zoo. Ride your bikes around the neighbourhood. Go to that baseball game he is raving about. Watch movies. Plan a picnic and invite your toddler’s friends to join to make it more fun.

Inexpensive Items

No, you do not have to go over your budget just to reward your toddler for sharing his toy with his sibling. Reward him with inexpensive items such as a new coloring book, crayons, pencils, stickers, a new DVD or toy (that is within your budget) or prepare a special snack and his favorite drink. Simple things like these will make your toddler feel that you are happy and thankful.

Bonding Time With Mommy and Daddy

Take a break from rewarding your obedient toddler with physical items and reward him with extra time with you and daddy instead. Children love spending time with their parents. Let your toddler go to a soccer game with dad. Give your child a piggyback ride. Read him more books before bedtime. Ask your toddler to be mommy’s little helper in the kitchen. Spend the weekend at a hotel or go for a stroll after dinner as a family.

Physical Affection

Pat his back, hug and kiss your toddler often, especially when he did a great job such as making his bed, putting the toys in the box after playing, eating all the fruits and veggies on his plate or helping his sibling clean up. This shows him that good deeds are also rewarded with good feelings, not just material things.

Words of Affirmation

Each time your toddler behaves or does something good, tell him you are proud of him. Say, “Thank you baby for helping your brother. You made mommy and daddy very happy.”, “Good job!”, or “Keep it up!”. A parent’s kind and encouraging words is the most effective way to motivate children.

Positive reinforcement is a powerful way to boost a toddler’s behaviour. By rewarding your toddler, whether through privileges, words of praise or touch every time he does something good, you build his confidence and teach him to repeat those actions.

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