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Things You Need To Remember When Hiring A Nanny

Hiring a nanny is like hiring an employee. You need to find the best one so she can be an asset to your family, and when you find the perfect one, make sure you do everything to keep her. Below are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind.


Establish The Basics

First, you have to come up with a contract for your nanny. The basics of a nanny contract include – hours of work (if she is willing to stay past her working hours), salary, sick and vacation pay, the nanny’s tasks and responsibilities (whether or not she is willing to do household chores), the nanny’s limits, back-up options, when the nanny can take a vacation and when the contract will end.  Having a contract is one way to establish a smooth and problem-free relationship with your toddler’s child care provider since both parties know what to expect from the start of the relationship.

Set Up Regular Performance Reviews

Nannies, even if they stay at home, are also professionals. Having a performance review annually or biannually is a great idea. This will make your nanny feel appreciated and assured that she is taken seriously. Plus, it allows you to point out your observations or opinions you may have about the quality of her work, which helps establish an open line of communication.

Allow The Nanny To Do Her Job

While it is your obligation to inform your nanny about your house and parenting rules (e.g. your toddler’s bath time, playtime and daily activities, the foods he can and cannot eat, etc.), do keep in mind that nannies have been in the business for quite some time, so they know what they are doing. As much as possible, let your nanny perform her duties without you breathing down her neck every second.

Give Praise

Being a nanny is not an easy job. Provide some encouragement every now and then to remind her that you are very grateful for her service or that your life will not run as smoothly without her. Offering a small token of appreciation would be nice as well. You can buy her groceries, pay her bills or her upcoming trip or treat your nanny to a classy restaurant on her birthday.


Expect Your Nanny To Be Wonder Woman

Sure, your nanny is paid to do a job. But, you need to remember to keep your expectations reasonable. Do not expect her to be calm when your toddler has been unceasingly screaming in her ear the whole day or expect her to clean your living room while she is playing with your little one at the same time. Blow-ups are bound to happen. They are normal. After all, your nanny is a human being.

Pay Your Nanny Late

When you say you are going to pay her every 15th of the month, make sure you do that. If you are on a budget, never cut your nanny’s salary. Do not skimp on the Christmas bonus. Make sure you follow everything that is in the contract, especially when it comes to money.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. In order to have a successful one with your nanny, make sure you fix any petty argument before it becomes into one, big disaster. Talk about it. Say what you want to say and listen to what your nanny has to say. This will help you deal with your issues in a civil and mature manner.

A good working relationship with your nanny is important. The only way you can achieve that is if you follow the simple rules mentioned above.

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