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Finding A Doctor For Your Toddler – Recognizing The Signs of A Bad Doctor

A doctor should be a calmer and a healer for both parents and children. However, finding a doctor for your toddler can be quite tricky. Here are some tips to help you recognize a bad doctor from a good one.

Signs of A Bad Doctor

An Unsympathetic Attitude

A pediatrician should also be a toddler’s friend. Avoid a doctor who is cold or indifferent no matter how highly recommended that doctor is or how impressive his medical degree is. Caring and curing should stick together like glue. Find a doctor who is warm, interested and sensitive to your toddler’s needs.


Knowing how to listen is an important trait every doctor must have. If the doctor insists on telling you what to do and how to do it without listening to what you have to say first, if it seems like he is lost in his thoughts or if he wants you to be out the door in a minute, then something is really wrong. A good doctor, no matter how demanding his schedule is will take the time to listen and answer your queries as well as explain what is happening.

Causes Negative Reactions

Sure, toddlers detest doctor visits. But, does your toddler scream and kick his legs more than he does when he sees needles? Pay close attention to how the doctor interacts with your toddler. If he makes your toddler uncomfortable, ignores your child or uses scare tactics (e.g. saying the toddler will die if he refuses to drink his medicine) to get your toddler to stop crying, consider finding someone else.

Poor References and Credentials

Spotting a bad doctor is easy if you take a look at his recommendations and certifications. Talk to a relative, neighbour, co-worker or anyone who may be familiar with the doctor. Check your state medical board to see if there are malpractices performed by the practitioner. Make sure he is board certified and is affiliated with a prestigious hospital.

Endless Appointments

Additional tests are okay especially for severe health conditions, but if the pediatrician orders you to take extra examinations or requires you to visit a few times a week more than necessary, consider it a red flag. Endless appointments are more beneficial for the doctor than the patient.


Doctors should always be up-to-date with the latest health information and medical breakthroughs. If the doctor is unable to explain to you the basics such as test results, the prescribed medication for your toddler or does not give you advice, this is a clear sign that he lacks knowledge.

Poor Office Atmosphere

Take a good look of the doctor’s office. Are the staff rude and have an unkempt look? Does the doctor keep you waiting past your scheduled time? Is the clinic filthy? A doctor’s office should give off a secure and happy vibe, especially for your toddler.

Your toddler’s pediatrician plays a big part in his first few years of life. So make sure you find a doctor that will make your toddler at ease rather than endure awkward appointments. Choose wisely.

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