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Soft-soled Toddler Shoes For Your Child’s Delicate Feet

Your toddler’s tiny feet are very sensitive. After all, he is still starting to learn how to walk properly. While most child care experts recommend toddlers to walk barefoot, it does not provide adequate protection to their tiny feet. On the other hand, wearing rigid shoes can reduce development and cause damage to your toddler’s feet. Thus, soft-soled toddler shoes are preferred by most parents and pediatricians. It is made from delicate materials, protects his feet and advances his walking.

What are soft-soled toddler shoes?

Soft-soled toddler shoes are shoes made from cotton and leather materials that are purposely designed to give protection to your toddler’s feet while at the same time allowing his feet ample room to flex, giving him a sense of footing and freedom. It serves as the perfect support as he continues to walk progressively. This type of shoes feature’s an elastic ankle providing maximum comfort and flexibility to his feet. These are easy to wear and he can even put them on without much guidance once he grows older. Also, soft-soled toddler shoes minimizes the chances of shoes falling off or from disappearing.

Soft-soled shoes contain a good layer of padding to provide correct cushion for the feet keeping his feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These shoes are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs that can go well with your toddler’s personality. There are boots, sandals, moccasins, Mary Jane’s and sneakers that can be embroidered with your toddler’s favorite cartoon character, animal or number. You actually get more than what you paid for since soft-soled shoes are more affordable than hard-soled toddler shoes.

Types of Soft-soled Toddler Shoes

There are different types of soft-soled toddler shoes. They all increase foot development but vary in terms of material, sole construction and other distinctive benefits.

  • Cotton or Fleece. Perfect for toddlers from eight to eleven months, loose fitting and is made from 100% cotton or fleece fabrics.
  • Double Layer Flexible Leather. A top notch slip resistant soft-soled shoes that has thicker soles offering more protection and elasticity.
  • Double Layer Suede. Offers the most grip-ability for his delicate toes. The double layered sole provides added comfort and warmth.
  • Micro-rubber. A slightly less flexible soft-soled shoe that gives a higher level of security.
  • Suede Leather. The softest type of soft-soled toddler shoes. Its premium cow-head material offers maximum sensory for the feet and slip resistant on hardwood floors, tiles and marble.
  • Thin Rubber. Best used for your little one’s physical activities (e.g. jumping, running or hopping).
  • Toughtek. Very thin and flexible and is very impassable by sharp objects (e.g. broken glass, nails, rocks, debris, etc.).

Best Brands of Soft-soled Toddler Shoes


Created by two high school friends, Isabooties are perfect for parents who likes toddler shoes that are functional, fashionable and unique. Made from Eco-friendly materials and Toughtek fabric ensuring the best grip-ability.


The most popular brand for soft-soled toddler shoes, Robeez shoes have adorned thousands of toddler feet with utmost excellence. The quality of the shoes promises a very snug and comfortable fit, easy to slip on and can either be hand-washed or machine washed. Best for toddlers from ages 1 to 4.


Another popular brand, ShooShoos soft-soled shoes are manufactured straight from Cape Town, South Africa. Boasts an extensive design suitable for little boys and girls. Selected by Mothercare International as the best brand of toddler shoes.  Best for children under 2 years old.

With the importance of developmental growth in your toddler’s early years, it is best to follow the advice of experts. Sticking to soft-soled shoes will have your toddler walking and running nonstop in no time.

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