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Getting Your Toddler To Stop Whining

Having a whiny toddler can be a nightmare. Thus, immediate action must be taken to correct this misbehaviour as early as possible. Follow these tips to help your toddler stop whining.

Stay Patient

It may be difficult to keep your composure when your toddler is whining unceasingly. But, if you react with anger or annoyance, you are only increasing your toddler’s bad behaviour. Count to ten, take a few deep breaths to relax yourself before you start talking to your toddler.

Identify The Triggers

What triggers whining? Generally, children whine when they are bored, weary or hungry. Give him plenty of activities that will keep him busy during the day. If your little one complains because he is tired, let him have a mid-morning nap and an afternoon nap. Offer light snacks a few hours before dinnertime. Knowing what sets off the behaviour will help you quickly soothe your toddler before his whining goes into overdrive.

Teach Your Toddler How To Ask

Too often, toddlers complain because they are still incapable of using the right words to express themselves. Teach your child how to ask courteously before he starts whining or teach him a hand signal or a secret word he can show or say to you each time he needs something. This will make him realize that there is a different way to ask aside from whining.

Be A Copycat

One effective technique to stop a toddler from whining is by imitating the action. Show your toddler what he looks like, what he sounds like each time he complains. Most likely, your toddler will find it strange and may tell you to stop. This will help him realize that his behaviour is not acceptable and will make him think twice about doing it again.

Talk To Your Toddler

Sometimes, toddlers have no idea they are whining. To make them aware of their misbehaviour, they need to be informed. Express your feelings. Talk to your toddler in a calm yet firm voice that you know he is hungry, but he should not whine. Tell your toddler that if he is hungry, all he has to do is to tell you and you will give him something to eat.

Ignore The Whining

When your toddler starts to whine, do your best not to acknowledge it no matter how irritating it may get. Tell your toddler you cannot hear him and that you will only listen to him if he quits whining and when he can speak to you in a polite manner. Once he realizes you are not affected by his whining, he will eventually stop.

Give Praise

Every time your toddler asks for something nicely, express your gratitude. Praise him for a job well done. Give him a slice of his favorite chocolate cake or allow him to drink soda during dinner. This is a good way to reinforce the positive behaviour. The more he knows you are pleased with him, the more motivated he will be to continue the behaviour. Remember, children like knowing that they have done well.

Stopping your toddler from whining does not just happen in a flash. It is a process, one that needs your continuous guidance, support and determination.

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