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Stroller Safety Tips For Parents

Strollers are considered to be the lifesaver of parents. They make parenting a little easier, especially when a parent and a child are on the go. Below are some stroller safety tips you need to familiarize yourself with to ensure your toddler’s welfare.

Always Restrain Your Toddler

The most important stroller safety tip is to make sure you strap your little one before going out. Toddlers love to lean, move and wiggle around their stroller and the safety belt or harness will stop them from climbing and falling out of the stroller. The seat belt will also keep your toddler secure while he is sleeping as well as hold your toddler in place in case of a collision or if the stroller tips over, preventing accidents. Ensure that the strap is tight yet snug enough to avoid obstructing your child’s breathing.

Always Use The Frame-locking Mechanism

Be sure to lock the stroller wheels and set the brakes whenever you have to take your hands off the handles to keep the stroller immobile. But, do not depend on the stroller brakes too much. You must never let your toddler out of your sight even if the locking mechanism is engaged.

Keep The Stroller Close To You

Stay close to your toddler at all times. This way, if an individual accidentally bumps the stroller and it begins to tilt over or roll away, you can avert the problem, minimizing mishaps from happening.

Store Things Properly

Do not hang anything over the back of the stroller handles as this can cause the stroller to topple over, putting your young one in danger. All brands of strollers come with a storage compartment feature, use that to easily and safely store your diaper bag and other personal items, but make sure not to overload the stroller.

Maintain A Safe Distance

When folding and unfolding the stroller, see to it that your little one is at a safe distance. Your toddler might try prying his little fingers while you are busy setting up the stroller which can lead to injuries.

Check The Stroller’s Condition

Never use a stroller with a safety defect. Always check the condition of the brake, wheels (they should be tight), handles, pads, awning and the likes before placing your toddler in it. Also, keep an eye out for broken parts. There should be no chips, sharp edges, loose bolts and any protruding objects. If you notice a defect of any kind, immediate action is required. You have four options - fix the stroller (with the help of the provided manual), call the manufacturer, contact the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or stop using it.


Finally, send in the product registration card. Having your stroller registered gives you assurance that your warranty is effective and that you will be notified if there are any product recalls.

A stroller is a significant part of family life. Thus, you have to follow these preventive measures to make sure your toddler stays safe at all times while in the stroller.

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