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Tips For Teaching Tolerance In Toddlers

We are living in a world that is surrounded by differences. If you want your toddler to be open and accepting, you need to teach your child how to be tolerant. Here are some tips you can follow for teaching tolerance in toddlers.

Be A Role Model

The best way you can teach your toddler this important value is to be an example of tolerance. Be mindful of your attitude, the way you speak and talk to others. Children love to imitate their parents, so if you show your toddler the right way to deal with people no matter what race or background they come from, he will also learn to accept and respect them.

Talk About Differences Respectfully

Take the time to explain things to your toddler. Discuss diversity – race, hair color, skin color, religion, traditions, beliefs, etc. in a realistic and informative manner. Avoid name-calling even if you are just joking as this will give your toddler an idea that stereotyping is okay. Tell your toddler that it is good that people are different as it makes the world more interesting. Do not forget to talk about the differences in your family as well. Encourage him to ask questions and make sure to answer them honestly.

Expose Your Toddler

Give your toddler an opportunity to interact with children from different groups. Enroll him in a class, workshop, day camp or daycare center. Visit museums. Travel with your toddler. This new experience will broaden your child’s mind and help him understand the world.

Read books, listen to music and watch TV shows about different cultures. Together, you can learn about the history, holidays, celebrations and lifestyle that are not part of your own practices. A word of caution – the media is a very influential tool in shaping the mind of people, especially children so make sure you select your resources carefully.

Honour Your Family’s Traditions

It is also important to teach your toddler about your own background. Talk about your ancestors. Teach your family practices to your child. Doing so helps your toddler to feel proud of his roots.

Encourage Self-confidence

Everyone knows that people who feel badly about themselves often treat others disrespectfully. Each time your toddler shows respect, compliment him for a job well done. Small rewards such as giving your little one a hug and a kiss, cooking his favorite food for dinner or extending his time at the playground are good ways to show your appreciation. If he feels good about himself, he will be more likely to display tolerance towards others.

Do Not Be Afraid To Reprimand

Whenever you see your toddler being intolerant, call him out to make him aware of his misbehaviour. Never ignore it. If you hear him say slang words which can offend others, say “What you said was not good baby. It can hurt others. You do not want to hurt others don’t you?”.

It is your responsibility to teach your toddler proper behaviour. Thus, it is important that you lead by example and make him aware of people’s differences so you can help him grow into a well-mannered and well-informed individual.

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