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How To Stop Teeth Grinding In Children

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism is very common among children, especially when their baby and permanent teeth appear. It is a treatable condition. Here are some tips you can follow to help your toddler stop grinding his teeth.

Reduce Stress

Although unproven, many experts believe that teeth grinding is caused by anxiety, pain and stress. Find out what is bothering your little one and try to resolve the issue. Make sure you observe the stress level of your toddler, especially a few hours before bedtime. Start a soothing bedtime routine so he is calm and at ease before bed. Give him a warm bath, followed by a warm glass of milk, a bedtime story and a hug and a kiss or extra cuddling to transition him into peaceful sleep.

Use A Mouth Guard

Using a mouth guard or a night guard is the best way to break the habit and stop your child from grinding his teeth instantly. Not only does it protect the teeth but it also alleviates the pressure of clenching and grinding. You can get a custom-made mouth guard from your dentist or a ready-made mouth guard (cheaper than a custom-made one) from online stores or your local drugstore.

Be Cautious of What You Feed Your Toddler

Be careful what you feed your toddler. Do not offer your toddler caffeinated and sugary foods and drinks before bed. Instead of giving fruit juice, hot chocolate and cookies, give your toddler plenty of water throughout the day. Teeth grinding often occur when a person is dehydrated.

Give A Massage

Give your toddler a mouth massage to help stretch and relax tense muscles which eases away tension. Before tucking your little one to bed, lightly massage his face and jaw. Use gentle circular rubbing motions to slacken everything up. Do this for five minutes.

Another way to massage your toddler’s jaw is by placing a warm cloth on his cheek next to his ear to loosen up tight jaw muscles.

Help Your Toddler Quit The Chewing Habit

Teach your toddler not to chew gum, toothpicks and pen and pencil lids. This gnawing habit is dangerous because it allows your toddler’s jaw muscles to become used to grinding, which will make him more susceptible to bruxism.

Visit The Dentist

Go for regular check-ups. Ask your dentist to check your toddler’s teeth. Your child may have teeth alignment problems or damaged teeth which causes him to clench or grind his teeth. The dentist can also give recommendations to keep your little one from further damaging his mouth.

Undergo Therapy

Your toddler may also undergo therapy known as biofeedback to stop teeth grinding. Your child will be wired up to a machine while he is conscious or asleep to identify when grinding occurs.

If all else fails, just wait it out. Teeth grinding may sound dreadful, but it is not something you need to worry about. Your toddler will eventually outgrow it sooner or later.

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