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Shared Bedroom Ideas For Kids

It is fun for children to share a bedroom with their siblings. However, decorating it can be tricky especially if they have clashing opinions on what to put, what not to put, what bedcovers to use and so on. Make sharing a room possible with these shared bedroom ideas for kids.

Choose One Color For The Walls

Paint the bedroom walls with neutral color. Since your toddlers will be sharing a bedroom, you have to pick a wall color that both suit their preferences. If you have a toddler boy and girl, good choices would be white, taupe, beige or light tan. If you have toddlers of similar sexes, choose a masculine color such as blue, green or burgundy for boys and more feminine shades such as lavender, pink or yellow for girls. If your toddlers’ bedroom is big enough to put a partition, you can paint each of their side different colors as long as they complement with each other and with the decors.

Give Toddlers Their Own Personal Space

One excellent shared bedroom ideas for kids is creating a private space for each toddler. This will allow each toddler to do things alone even if they are sharing a room. You can create this space by installing a tall curtain in the middle of the room or a half-wall. Decorate each side according to your toddlers’ tastes. If toddler A likes reading and crafts, stock the shelf with books and art supplies and if toddler B loves music, make sure his cabinet is filled with musical toys and hang music-related stuff to the wall. Do not forget to place a toddler table and two small chairs on each side.

Get Creative With The Beds

Sharing a bedroom does not have to mean having to share a bed. Add a double bunk bed and position it against the wall to keep the one who will sleep on top from falling off. Buy two single beds or twin beds and place them in an L-shape or on opposite sides of the wall.

Add Bed Linens and Pillows

This is the part where your little ones can be in charge of. Get your toddlers involved in choosing bedspreads, blankets and pillows. They can have different styles of everything as long as you see to it that the room still looks cohesive even with contrasting designs. The key is to stick to complementary colors or coordinating styles to keep the look of your toddlers’ bedroom together while giving them a chance to express their individuality.

Add Furnishings

As much as possible, give your toddlers their own furnitures. Place two bedside tables on each side and provide them two dressers and cabinets (one for each toddler). But if space is a problem, you can just place a long table in the middle of the beds that can act as a shared bedside table or use a tall cabinet for storing your toddlers’ clothes and toys and have them share it.

Install Soft Lighting

Add ceiling light to keep the room bright and consider hooking up soft lighting near each of the bed (e.g. a nightlight or a table lamp). This way, even if one of your toddlers wakes up in the middle of the night, the other will not be disturbed.

Accessorize The Room

A shared room does not have to have one particular theme. Have your toddlers select the items they want to see in their bedroom. Place photos of your toddlers on a shelf or on each night stand. Hang wall art, knick-knacks and other things they like. Frame their art projects and place them on each side of the room. Buy wall stickers personalized to each toddler’s taste. Make sure they are removable so they can be changed whenever your toddlers’ want to redecorate without damaging the walls. Color coordinate the curtains. Hang their initials or names in wooden blocks on top of each bed.

Creating a shared bedroom for your toddlers is actually very easy. As long as you have a plan and you know their likes and dislikes, you can create a room that will cater to their needs and please your toddlers.

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Tips For Decorating A Toddler Room

The bedroom is the most used room in a house. When it comes to decorating a toddler room, one has to make sure it is captivating. Here are some tips to help you create a room that is functional and appealing for your precious one.

Choose A Theme or Color

The first step in decorating a toddler room is to come up with a theme or color. Walls take up most of the visual space in a room so make sure you choose one that is fun yet relaxing. For toddler boys, popular themes include airplanes, cars, ships, planet and Disney characters. For toddler girls, flowers, butterflies, fairies, Barbie, Hello Kitty and princess themed rooms are very chic. If you prefer not to use a theme, choose a cheery paint color for the walls. To make sure your toddler will like it, bring your little one with you and let your child pick out the color. Do not worry if your toddler picks out 2 different colors. Just choose colors that will complement each other, like blue and green, white and yellow, sky blue and yellow or pink and purple.

Remember The Basics

Do not go crazy and buy every cute furniture and knickknack you see in a store. A toddler’s bedroom should be simple and roomy enough for a toddler to wander freely. The top 2 needs in a toddler’s room are sleeping and storage. To maximize the space, buy furnitures that double as a storage space. Buy a bed that has drawers on the bottom, chairs with storage space underneath the seat, a dresser with built-in cabinets and a small bookcase so you can put lots of things on it (e.g. books, toys, storage baskets, etc.).

Provide Good Lighting

A good, safe lighting for your toddler’s room is important. Natural light is the best light so ensure that window treatments are not too thick so as not to obstruct the sun’s rays. Installing a skylight not only lights up the room but also doubles as a centrepiece. Remember not to place lamps on the table as your toddler may run over it and hurt himself.

Create A Play Area

Since your toddler’s bedroom doubles as a play area, why not designate a space where your little one can enjoy this activity? Add a small table and a few small chairs (you can choose from plastic, wood, or modern sets to match the theme), a bean bag or a rocking chair near the bookshelf. This way, his toys will only be scattered in one area making cleaning up easier.

Select Fun, Eye-catching Decorations

What sets a beautiful room apart from others is the decor. Add elements related to the room’s theme or objects that interest your toddler. Frame your toddler’s artworks, baby pictures and family photos and hang them in the wall or display them on the shelf. You may also hang a clothesline and use some clothespins to display them. Install lightweight curtains and wooden blinds to beautify the windows. Choose beddings, blankets and pillows in colorful designs. Place a large, bright-colored rug in the play area. Just make sure that all of the elements go well together so the room will not be an eyesore.

Decorating your toddler’s room is a fun and exciting activity the two of you can do together which is very helpful for your little one to welcome the new room with open arms.

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