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How To Make A Chore List For Kids

Knowing how to take care of one’s self, home and surrounding is important in raising children. Household chores are very effective in teaching a toddler responsibility. At an early age, toddlers should be encouraged to partake in this activity. Here are some tips on how to painlessly make a chore list for kids.

Tip # 1: Consider Your Toddler’s Age and Capability

The first tip on how to make a chore list for kids is to recognize what your little one can and cannot do. Since he is still a toddler, he will be limited to very simple chores. Below are some age-appropriate household chores:

•    For a 2 year old
o    Put dirty clothes in the hamper
o    Put toys and books away after playing with them
o    Dusting

•    For a 3 year old
o    Help set the table
o    Feed a pet
o    Water a plant
o    Clear own dish from the table

•    For a 4 year old
o    Set the table
o    Fold towels
o    Help make his bed
o    Wipe up spills
o    Clear the table
o    Help put away groceries

In addition to choosing age-appropriate chores, be sure to consider your toddler’s abilities to perform certain tasks as well. Thus, it is ideal to start small so you can check if your little one can manage before giving him another task.

Tip # 2: Make Joint Decisions

When making a chore list, see to it you involve your toddler. Ask for your toddler’s opinion. Listen to what he has to say. For instance, if your toddler volunteers to walk the dog, let him do it. Or, if you he likes to talk, ask him if he can keep his younger sister company in the playpen while you cook dinner. Letting your toddler make decisions makes him more likely to actually follow through.

Tip # 3: Post It In Plain View

Post the list on the fridge, in his bedroom or in another central spot in your home so your toddler can see it right away. In addition, instead of using plain sheets of paper to write his chores down – get creative! Use markers and pictures (that demonstrate what needs to be done) to get your little one excited in doing his chores. Or, why not make your own silly tune about sorting dirty clothes or putting toys away.

Tip # 4: Keep It Fun

Chores can be boring, especially for children. Blast the music while you and your toddler are cleaning the living room, sing fun songs such as Snow White’s “Whistle Whistle While You Work” or Barney’s “Clean Up”. Talk about anything while cleaning. Do not ask your little one to finish 3 or 4 chores at once. Take it one chore at a time. After your toddler is done, head to the kitchen and whip up a yummy snack or go out and have ice cream.

Tip # 5: Switch Them Up

Another way how to make an effective chore list for kids is to rotate chores or assign new tasks every so often. Give your little one different set of household chores every month or two so he will not get bored doing the same thing over and over. Ask your toddler to do something more difficult to give him an opportunity to learn something new and to test his progress.

Tip # 6: Do Not Redo The Chore

Your toddler will probably have trouble arranging the pillows or set the napkins crooked on the table, but there is nothing wrong with that, right? Show your toddler how it is done and then let him finish it on his own. Redoing the task your toddler worked so hard to finish will only hurt his ego and discourages him to follow his chore list.

Tip # 7: Pile On The Praise

Toddlers thrive on positive reinforcement. Whenever your toddler finishes a chore, praise him for a job well done. Let your toddler know that you are thankful and happy for helping you out. Give him extra playtime or allow him to eat chocolate for dessert. Knowing his efforts are appreciated not only boosts his self-esteem but also motivates your toddler to continue with his good work.

Making a chore list for your toddler is actually pretty simple. With a little planning, patience and teamwork, you will be able to come up with a chore list that can train and equip your precious one for growth and maturity.

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