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The Top Ten Stages of Toddler Development

As a parent, you may wonder about the development stage of your child. Most often, you tend to worry about whether or not your toddler is getting the progress that is expected. A toddler’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth may be ahead or behind other peers of his age. Generally, every child goes through the following stages of toddler development.


1.) Body Development

There are a number of changes a toddler goes through during the development stage. Although it is far different from the changes of a teenager going through puberty, still these slight transformation is noticeable. For instance, your child’s baby fats might now fade away and little muscles start developing especially in this time wherein physical activities are present and your toddler’s energy level increases. Every part of the body is in proportion with other parts. The arms, head and legs for example become balanced with the body.

By the 12 or 14 months he can now start walking on his own. As he reaches the age of 2 he can slowly eat, drink, climb up the stairs, jump, run and tiptoe on his own. Locomotion starts building up. Meals are taken more frequently as well especially when your toddler is very active making his metabolism fast.

Cognitive or Intellectual

2.) Object Permanence

By the age of 2 or 3 he now learns how to adapt with the things and people around him. As an infant, he may easily forget faces, toys and people. But, during this phase, your toddler has the perception that things continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched. He becomes more opinionated, gets easily attached and begins to make memories. He learns fast and is more articulate.

3.) Peaked Curiosity

The toddler stage is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of a parent and child relationship since children this age are very conscious and curious with their surroundings. Expect your child to always say the words what and why as every little detail can catch his attention.

4.) Artistic

Doing arts and crafts is the favorite pastime of toddlers. So take advantage of it and let your child draw, paint, color, arrange blocks and solve jigsaw puzzles.

5.) Improved Verbal Skills

Your child’s words become clearer, hence, becoming more talkative. He can now comprehend a number of words and adapt adult words as well. The ability to combine a number of words grows each day. Words like – mommy, daddy, no and why are the most common.


6.) Make Believe, Mood Swings and Freedom of Expression

Your child may demand to do things on his own as he feels like he is an adult or he likes imitating you, your husband or the people around him. Mood swings, tantrums and loud expression of thoughts occur recurrently. Instilling discipline is important because this is the most crucial stage of toddler development since he can bring this towards his teenage days to adulthood. Playing make believe and being wrapped on his own little world also happens.

7.) Sibling Rivalry

Very present during toddler stage, rivalry between children is normal especially when your kids only have little age gap letting expressions like fear, jealousy and affection be expressed.

Fine Motor

8.) Coordination and Strength

Fine motor skills are developed such as preference of using the left or right hand. He can now pull cabinets, twist doorknobs, push chairs and other strength related activities.


9.) Interaction

Playtime is the favorite of toddlers. In this stage, your child only wants to play from day to night whether it is by himself or with other kids his age. Most often, he may prefer to go to the playground and make friends.

10.) Wants Full Attention

Kids always want to be in the center of attention with their playmates and adults. Thus, toddlers are very friendly, articulate, talkative and hyper to grab the audience’s interest.

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