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How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Toddler’s Preschool Teacher

Starting preschool is a scary and exciting time for your toddler. He will need a strong circle of support for him to thrive, and in order to achieve that, you need to build an effective bond with his preschool teacher. Here is how you can do it.

Connect With The Teacher

Contact the teacher by attending a back to school event or parent-teacher meeting. Listen to what the teacher has to say and address your concerns. Or, arrange a quick conversation with the teacher at the beginning of the year. Keep it casual. Introduce yourself and your toddler to the teacher. Ask questions, share information about your toddler – his favorites, a health condition or a behaviour issue and give your contact information so she can easily talk to you about your toddler’s progress. Do not forget to thank the teacher for taking the time to talk with you. By taking these steps, you are showing the teacher that you are looking forward to working with her and that she can easily approach you if she has any concerns.


Even if you are working, you can still help. Ask your toddler’s teacher if she needs anything done such as collecting art materials for a class project and dropping them off at school. Volunteer to cut out shapes, make a collage or other tasks at home. Be a chaperone during class trips or provide extra snacks. You could also call parents about upcoming events. A small gesture goes a long way to show you care. Your toddler’s teacher will be grateful for your help and take note of your eagerness to be involved.

Know The School’s Discipline Rules

It is very important that you educate yourself with the school’s discipline policies. For instance, if the teacher uses the time-out method to discipline children and you object because that is not your discipline style, your little one will be very confused. If the school and the teacher’s philosophies do not match your own, you have to respect that.

Discuss Issues Privately

Never discuss a problem during drop-off or pick-up. Most likely, the teacher is busy saying “hi” and “goodbye” to other kids and parents. Do not talk to the teacher in front of your toddler or disrupt her in the middle of class. If you are angry with the teacher or you have a serious concern, set a meeting so the two of you can talk and resolve issues in private. Regardless of your concerns, you still have to be discreet and respect the teacher’s relationship with your toddler.

Keep In Touch

Follow up your first meeting by making an effort to stay in touch with the teacher throughout the year. Send her an e-mail, talk to her after school hours or meet with her over the weekend.


Let your toddler’s teacher know that you are very thankful that she is taking good care of your child. Compliment her for a job well done. Send notes of thanks or a card to let her know that your little one cannot get over how great she is or how much he enjoyed the painting activity she planned.

Aside from you and your husband, teachers are the people who spend the most time with your toddler. Hence, you need to have a good relationship with your child’s teacher so you can work as a team in helping your toddler succeed.

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