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Tips For Buying The Best Toddler Harness

Your toddler’s safety is very important and once he starts walking, a new adventure begins. By this time, he might not want to sit in his stroller anymore. Instead, he wants to roam around and check out his surroundings. A toddler harness can serve as your assistant. In this way, your toddler can explore the world and stay safe at the same time.

A toddler harness is notably one of the greatest inventions made to ensure children’s welfare. It keeps your adventurous toddler close to you especially when you are in a very crowded place. A toddler harness is very comfortable to use making it the perfect accessory for the both of you. Plus, it also strengthens his leg muscles helping him master his walking.

Toddler Harness Buying Tips

When going toddler harness shopping, keep in mind the following tips:

Let Your Toddler Tag Along

When buying your toddler’s harness, it is better to do the choosing together. After all, your toddler will be the one using the harness so it is important that he test drives different harnesses first to make sure he feels comfortable and safe in it. By doing so, you can also easily detect any damages or weak areas of the harness.

Consider His Pace

If your toddler loves to move around a lot, choose between a back-fastening harness and a full harness. These types of harnesses properly give support to your toddler’s height and weight. Unlike a wrist-strap harness, they do not immobilize your toddler. This gives your toddler freedom to move around unreservedly even with a boundary, and since he knows he can still do what he wants, he will no longer try to wiggle out of his harness.

Straps Must Have A Comfortable Fit

Check for the harnesses straps. If it is too firm, your toddler might have a hard time walking and moving which can cause bumps, bruises or worse, dehydration. If the straps are too loose, he can easily squirm his way out of the harness. The perfect harness strap must allow him to move at least 1 to 3 inches left and right, back and front.

Choose From Different Designs

Gone are the days when toddler harnesses were too bland and simple. There are a lot of child harnesses that come in a variety of styles available in the market. Your toddler will truly have a good time choosing what color and design he wants. Some are designed with cartoon characters (e.g. Blues Clues, Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse), superheroes (Superman and Batman) and animals (bear, ladybug, monkey, elephant, cat, dog, bunny, etc.).

Go For A Multipurpose Toddler Harness

Ordinary wrist-strap harnesses are too plain, buy a backpack toddler harness instead. The backpack style has a drink holder and a small space for storing his essentials (e.g. extra t-shirt, towel, diaper, baby powder, etc.). A backpack toddler harness is more practical to use as you and your little one can easily grab what he needs inside. Plus, there might even be an extra space for his favorite toy.

Contrary to what other people say, a toddler harness is not like a dog leash. It is a toddler safety gear that guarantees your toddler’s protection each time you go out of the house. Just make sure your child is comfortable and happy with it so you and your toddler can enjoy the trip.

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