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Choosing The Right Toddler Mattress

Transitioning from a crib to a bed is one electrifying experience for your toddler. That is why choosing the perfect mattress is very important. However, this can be a daunting task. When selecting a toddler mattress, make these 2 factors your top priority – quality and fit. Here are useful tips to help you select the best mattress for your child.

Measure The Size

Before deciding on a mattress, measure your toddler’s bedroom first. Consider how much space your toddler will need (e.g. play and study area, closet, dresser, etc.). If your toddler’s room is quite big, a full-size or regular mattress is perfect. For smaller rooms, a twin-sized mattress is recommended as this will not cramp up his room giving him ample space. After which, proceed to measure his bed’s length and width with a measuring tape.

If you want your 3 year old toddler to use his mattress until he reaches the age of 10, then it is suggested you buy a mattress that is a few feet taller than your toddler’s height to accommodate growth over the years.

Determine Which Type of Mattress Suits Your Child

Air Mattress

An air mattress is inflatable. And because this type of mattress is very resilient, it is often referred to as a water mattress. Air mattresses are made from PVC vinyl plastic which can be deflated, rolled up, carried, folded or stowed when not in use. This mattress is best for toddlers who suffer back pains. Since you can easily regulate its firmness, you get to personalize it so it can accommodate your toddler’s shape, size and weight to give back relief.

Innerspring Mattress

Wire coils are used as the support structure making them heavier than other mattresses. An innerspring mattress has a strong border wire connected to the edge of the coils. The border wire holds the coils which helps decrease sagging and preserve shape. Its edges are supported with specially shaped springs which averts roll-out and edge breakdown. The upholstery is detached from the innerspring structure by a tough padding, netting layer and an insulator that prevents the upholstery from dropping into the coils.


Latex mattresses are made from healthy, natural materials which helps take care of your toddler’s sensitive skin. If you want to be Eco-friendly, then this is the perfect product to buy. Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and contain anti-dust and anti-bacterial qualities. They have a very dense surface making it firm but flexible at the same time ensuring your toddler a good night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the sturdiest mattresses to date. They are covered with a foam layer inside that is designed to protect the mattress from sagging. A memory foam mattress is affordable as compared to other types of mattresses. It is over 5 pounds thick and gives the support your toddler’s body requires especially in his lumbar section.

Do A Test Drive

Always test out the mattress before you make a final decision. Have your toddler lie down on several different mattresses to test the comfort level. The mattress should be firm enough to sustain your toddler’s body while at the same time plush enough so your toddler’s body can comfortably sleep in it.

Lastly, always check the mattress’s label. Some mattresses contain toxic chemicals which your toddler can inhale.

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