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Effective Tips To Make Your Toddler Nap

Making your toddler nap is a constant struggle. This may be because he does not want to miss anything going on around him or he just wants to exert his independence. Here are some simple yet very effective tips to make naps happen in your house.

Choose A Daily Naptime

Putting your little one to sleep at a different time every day confuses his body clock. When you are consistent, your toddler will take a nap without putting up a fight. Create a schedule and stick to it. The best time to take a nap is usually after lunchtime or when he starts to yawn, rubs his eyes or becomes quiet.

Establish A Nap Ritual

Toddlers are full of energy, so naturally, they cannot go from energetic playtime to sleep. Your toddler will need some time to wind-down and creating a routine will help him transition to sleep. You can start the routine by feeding your toddler a healthy lunch followed by reading a book or singing a lullaby and rocking him in your arms until he is sleepy and finally putting him in his bed.

Offer A Comfort Object

Your toddler will feel secure and more at ease when he has something by his side. Let your toddler choose a comfort item to nap with him. Having his favorite teddy bear, blanket or pillow close to him will make his afternoon snooze more meaningful.

Create A Quiet and Soothing Nap Environment

The best nap area for your toddler is the same place where he sleeps at night. Turn the lights down. Close the windows. Turn down the television. Or, be creative and let your toddler create his own napping bed. You can place a bunch of blankets on his bed that will serve as a makeshift tent or put a large cardboard box on the bed he can lay in.

Provide Soft Music

The sounds of the house and the neighborhood can wake a napping child. Prevent your little one from waking up early from his nap by playing sounds or white noise all through naptime. Turn on a fan, air purifier, play recordings of ocean waves, rainfall or chirping birds or play soft lullaby music and classical songs.

Do Not Use The Word Naptime

Some toddlers may be averse to the word “nap”. Use a less intimidating phrase like “rest time” or “quiet time”. This may make your toddler more willing to take a nap since he will feel like a big boy than a baby if you refer to it this way. Explain to your child that it is now time for “quiet time” and that he needs to take a break to help his body stay strong and healthy.

Be Consistent

Your toddler may cry or fight back so you need to remain firm. Give him a hug and kiss and leave the room and tell him that you will return when you hear no noises coming from his room. This will encourage him to lie still enough to fall asleep.

Toddlers can benefit from a daily nap. These extra hours of sleep helps your toddler stay healthier and feel more alert especially during the most important developmental years of his life.

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