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Kids On Computer – Ways To Make It Work

In this modern age, electronics have become an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Children at a very young age even know how to use computers. While computers can help shape the development of toddlers, there are some guidelines that parents should put in to place for kids on computer.

Delay Introduction

Hold off until your toddler is at least 9 months old. Children below 9 months do not have the physical skills to interact with the computer. Your toddler does not have the vision to clearly focus on the screen until he is about 6 months old. Plus, he will not be able to sit up without any support to enjoy the program while you do your work around the house until he is around 6 to 8 months old.

The best way to let your toddler use the computer is when he shows some interest. If your little one constantly points at your computer, bangs on the keyboard, watches you whenever you are using the machine or if he seems responsive (clapping, smiling and laughing), then go for it.

Choose Age-appropriate Programs

Adult games are too loud and violent for your little one. It is best to start with programs designed for young children. Visit online learning game websites such as Fisher-Price, NickJr., Learning Games For Kids, Funbrain, Sesame Street, Playhouse Disney, Starfall and Up To Ten.  They have lots of fun and educational games that teaches your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes, letter-sound relationships and many more that will surely be helpful for his development.

In addition, make sure that you choose websites with big, clear images so your toddler can easily comprehend what he is seeing.

Focus On Fun Instead of Learning

Generally, toddlers under 4 years old view the computer as another toy so there is no point pressuring your toddler to learn everything he sees in the computer. Instead, think of computer time as a way for you to reinforce your toddler’s skills.

Schedule Computer Time

It is very important that you set a time on how long your toddler can use the computer. For 1 to 2 year olds, they can access the computer for 10 to 15 minutes. For children ages 3 and above, they can use it for an hour. Children who face the computer more than an hour have lesser time available for doing developmental activities such as eating, dancing, singing, playing, sleeping and talking with other people.

Never Leave Your Toddler Unsupervised

Make the most out of computer time by making this an activity where you can bond with your toddler. This way, you will be there to assist your toddler, answer his questions and explain things he may not be able to understand. If you are unable to attend to your toddler while he is using the computer, ask a responsible adult to be with him. Never leave your toddler on his own. The internet is not safe for your toddler to explore and he can be exposed to things that may have a negative effect on him.

As you can see, computers are not entirely bad for your toddler. It can be beneficial for his physical, cognitive, language, motor and social growth given the correct guidance.

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Popular Websites of Online Toddler Games

With computers being a part of every individual’s life, it does not come as a surprise that toddlers have become more inclined to learn all they can about it. Online toddler games are an excellent way to grow your toddler’s abilities. They are engaging, non-violent and educational.  There are a lot of sites that offer an entertaining and worthwhile experience. Here is a round-up of the best gaming websites for toddlers.

Fisher Price

The most popular website of toddler online games, Fisher Price has over 27 different fun games every infant, toddler and preschooler can play. All games are free and useful in developing your little one’s basic skills. Every game focuses on different aspects of literacy, from learning the ABC’s, introduction to colors, numbers, shapes and the sounds of animals, interactive songs to exposure to musical instruments. Your toddler will surely have fun playing Tap and Color, Little People ZooTalkers Puzzles, GeoTrax Engine Builder and Little People ZooTalkers Memory Match games. The site is easy to access so your toddler can simply browse the games he likes and play at his own pace.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr., the website of the well-loved kids channel Nickelodeon has loads of surprises in store for every toddler. Online games are directed towards preschoolers but children between ages 1 to 3 can play them as well. Most popular Nick Jr. games are - Dino Dan’s Dino Dig Game, a good introduction to learning the history of dinosaurs. This arranging game also helps your toddler learn about animal bone structure. Second, is the Nick Jr. Free Draw game, perfect for honing your little one’s artistic skills. Lastly, the Coloring Book game where he can choose to color the scenes from his favorite Nick Jr. shows.

Sesame Street

This fun online website’s games are based exactly like the television show that features the beloved Sesame Street characters so you can easily spot which games your little one will truly be interested in. Games are full of color and life which will keep your toddler busy for hours. It is very educational with the numerous counting, rhyming, pairing and sorting games. Some of their best games include – Alphabet Soup, Animal Sounds, Big Bird’s Numbers, Check Out Cookie, Counting With Elmo and Word Games.

Up To Ten

With over 1,300 games available for toddlers from age 0 to 10, Up To Ten games are classified in a very unique way. You can quickly access computer literacy development by clicking the orange icons. Green icons for fine motor and motor development games and red for games which require adult supervision. Some of their most popular free online games include – Marcelino, Delook and Sharpy, Spot The Difference, Sort Shapes By Size, Music Box Dance and creative games like Build Your Own Snowman and Tree Sculpture.

Ziggity Zoom

An interactive toddler gaming website recommended for children ages 2 to 5. Ziggity Zoom is a site wherein both parents and toddlers can play the games together to promote creativity, reading and dexterity. Your toddler will enjoy completing various games (e.g. Beep Beep, Word Cat and Letter Blaster), read and listen to children’s e-books, watch videos and print printable workbooks containing various arts and crafts project both you and your young one can do during his play time.

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What Your Toddler Can Learn From Toddler Online Educational Games

It is a fact that toddlers love to try out new things since every aspect of their lives is completely new to them. Being curious and inquisitive are the two most common traits they have while exploration becomes their profession. Games are the answer to every toddler’s questions. This is an activity wherein they discover and learn things on their own.

The internet is a priceless learning tool for your toddler. You can find thousands of online gaming websites to help boost your toddler’s knowledge and skills. Apart from books, online learning games are one of the most fun and effective learning instruments that help your tot learn more at an early age in which he can mingle with his favorite cartoon characters and discover early toddler skills like counting and reciting the alphabet.

Lessons Learned From Toddler Online Educational Games

Toddler online educational games relay various learning’s to your child, some of the following are:

An Improved Language Skill

Probably the best lesson your toddler can learn from playing toddler online educational games is the enhancement of his verbal skills and vocabulary. Language is very important since this gauges how your toddler is fully equipped which will affect him towards adulthood. A lot of online learning websites are focused on helping toddlers boost their language. These are a good means of preparing your tot for his playschool and pre-school years. These sites come with bright, clear, friendly and easy to follow audio sounds which encourages your toddler to follow every word spoken in the game.

Letter and Number Identification

Most toddler learning websites have activities that include counting and recitation. This also serves as his introduction to good practice and recognition allowing your toddler to correctly identify a certain number from another number.

Shape and Color Recognition

Colors and shapes are the two most efficient ways that helps your child learn things. With the help of an online game website, shapes and colors become more fun and vibrant allowing your toddler to easily identify red from green and a circle from an oblong.

Musical Ability

Since all online games have music and sound, this helps your toddler create little music allowing him to freely come up with his own composition. By doing so, he learns how to maximize his brain and vocabulary skills to complete the idea. Online educational games also refreshes his resilience and maintain mental innovation.

Correct Spelling

Toddler online games cover all bases when it comes to your tot’s early education. With the help of simple words flashed throughout the computer screen, your toddler figures out how to spell different words especially when he constantly repeats playing certain games. The way various words are spelled out retains in his mind making it easier for him to master his spelling.


Learning proper order is essential for toddlers since this serves as a basic preface for problem solving (Math) and reasoning. Online games involving the order of the alphabet and numbers allow your toddler to be able to identify what comes before and after the letter C and what is the next number after eight.

Develop Math Skills

Math scares toddlers away. But, with the help of toddler online educational games, most toddlers these days have more fun doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Online games that includes simple math helps your toddler learn the basics paving his way to becoming an excellent problem solver.

Advanced Motor Skills

Hand-eye synchronization is also developed. Each time your tot clicks and moves over the mouse, it helps him fine tune his motor skills helping him expand his movements and improve his coordination.

Learn How to Face Challenges

The most basic learning your child can get from playing online learning games is that everything has its limits and is a challenge. It enables him to cooperate well with others, ask for other family member’s assistance when having a difficult time solving a certain game.

Toddler online educational games are an effective solution to help your toddler develop his mental, emotional, cognitive, social and physical skills without eliminating fun and entertainment to the equation.

Educational Games for 2-6 Year Olds

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