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Fun Birthday Party Themes For Toddlers

Toddlers love birthday parties and nothing is as special as planning your toddler’s big day. If you are searching for fun birthday party themes for toddlers, check out these suggestions.

Superhero Theme

One of the most fun and classic birthday party themes for toddlers is a superhero theme. Set the mood for the party with great decorations such as superhero posters, capes and masks. Cover the tables in blues and reds. Do not forget the balloons and confetti. Keep the menu simple with foods in bright colors and shapes. Order a cake with a picture of his favorite superhero or in the shape of a superhero. Entertain the little partygoers with fun games such as a superhero training camp, Mr. Freeze dance, spider walk or pass the kryptonite. Of course, dress your little boy in his favorite superhero costume and request all guests to dress as a superhero such as Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman.

Wild Wild West Theme

The cowboy theme is another favorite amongst toddler boys. Decorate the place with little rodeo hats, bandanas, a toy lasso and brown ruffles. Do not forget to place a couple of toy horses to make it even more authentic. The children can dress in cowboy outfits and play stick horse race (use a mini broomstick as a substitute for real ponies) and watch them ride their steeds merrily around the room. If your budget permits, why not make a call and rent a pony so each toddler can take turns riding a pony. For the perfect giveaway, give the children sheriff’s badge stickers or a photo of them riding the pony.

Pirate Theme

Another great birthday party theme for toddlers is the pirate theme. Transform your yard into a pirate ship with decors like old wooden signs, red and black accents and flags. Give the little ones eye patches and plastic swords to get the complete feel. Play games such as pin the eye patch on a pirate, walk the plank and of course treasure hunting games to make the party more exciting. Do not forget to give each guest a small loot of chocolate covered gold coins as a party favor.

Tea Party Theme

If your little girl loves to dress up, turn her birthday into a tea party. Send out invites on scented, dainty looking paper and ask the guests to dress in their pretty dresses, hats and gloves. Turn your home into a dainty cafe by using a flowery tablecloth, garland archway and other pretty items in pastel colors. Serve lemonade in mini china tea cups and finger sandwiches and cupcakes on saucers. For the games, play tea bag toss, sugar cube relay or pin the cup on the saucer. Add beaded necklaces and doilies in the goody bags.

Princess Theme

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess, so why not treat your little one as one during her special day? Ask the guests to dress like royalty. Lay a red carpet to give the guests a grand entrance and hand out tiaras while welcoming the children. Beautify the room with a balloon archway. Adorn a chair with balloons and anything pink so your little princess can sit on her throne. Use princess themed plates, napkins and streamers. Party games such as pass the poison apple, musical chairs and kiss the frog are perfect for keeping everyone busy.

Water Theme

Most toddlers love being in the water and this theme is perfect for your toddler’s summer birthday. Set-up an inflatable backyard pool, turn on the sprinkler or fill a watering can and let the toddlers go wild splashing each other. Do not forget to bring out water guns, toy buckets and shovels for some water games.

The list of birthday themes for toddlers is endless. All you have to do is to be creative and you will have that memorable birthday party for your precious one.

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Tips For Planning A Birthday Party For Your Toddler

A birthday party is undoubtedly a special occasion for parents and children. However, planning it can be very stressful. Here are some fun and hassle-free ideas for planning a birthday party for your precious angel.

Decide On A Theme

First, you need to pick a theme. Having a theme will help you plan everything more smoothly. Go for a simple theme. Good examples of children’s party themes include your toddler’s favorite cartoon character or superhero, pirate and forest theme for little boys while rainbow and princess theme for little girls. Let your little one tag along to the store and have your child pick out the decorations (e.g. the spoons, forks, plates, cups and party hats that match the theme). Do not spend too much on the decorations since they will be just thrown out afterwards.

Keep It Intimate

Too many strange faces may scare your little one, so keep your guest list short. Only invite a small number of people like your relatives, close friends and a few toddlers living in your neighbourhood.

Childproof The Area

Since there are other toddlers attending the party, make sure you take out furnitures, appliances or anything that can endanger the children’s safety. Have a safe play area where your toddler and the other kids can play freely.

Keep It Simple

When preparing a birthday party for your toddler, try not to go overboard. Remember, less is more especially when it comes to children. Use balloons, streamers, banners and ribbons to give your home a festive look. Do not forget to play children’s songs to keep the mood cheerful.

Also, it would be pointless to supply a lot of party food. Finger foods such as chips, a veggie or fruit platter, crackers, hotdogs, pizza, fish sticks and hamburgers as well as ice cream, soda and juice for refreshments are more than enough to feed your guests. Of course, do not forget to order a birthday cake that matches your theme. Having a “sweet station” where the kids can pick the sweets (e.g. candies, marshmallows, chocolate coins, sprinkles, etc.) they want to bring home is also a foolproof idea.

Pick Fun Games

No children’s party will ever be complete without games. But keep the games to a minimum since children have a very short attention span. 2 to 3 small games will do. Here are some fun party games for toddlers you can try:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Musical Chairs
  • London Bridge
  • Pair Them Up

Time It Right

Toddlers do not handle parties very well. To avoid a meltdown, make sure your toddler is well-rested. Schedule the birthday party around your toddler’s naptime, say 3 or 4 in the afternoon. In addition, keep the party short, an hour or two is enough to celebrate your toddler’s birthday.

Your toddler’s birthday is a wonderful event. So make sure to plan it well to ensure everyone will have a good time. Do not forget to charge your camera so you can record this momentous occasion and give the guests a souvenir to show your appreciation.

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