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Popular Toddler Room Themes Every Child Will Love

With your toddler growing and learning rapidly, it is time to create a room to foster all of this. Selecting a theme for your toddler’s room can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of toddler room themes that can freshen up your toddler’s bedroom. Below are some clever ideas you can choose from.

Toddler Room Theme # 1: Underwater

An under the sea themed bedroom is one of the most popular toddler room themes for both boys and girls. First, paint the bedroom walls blue and you can add ocean waves, bubbles, corals and fishes in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you are wary about drawing the walls, you can try using removable wall decals or stickers. Use shower stick-ons for the windows, plastic shower curtains with fish or other under the sea designs as curtains and a plastic bathmat for the rug in front of your toddler’s drawing table. Carry on the theme with bedding that has fish or mermaids on them.

Toddler Room Theme # 2: Princess

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess right? Why not make your little girl’s dream come true with a princess themed bedroom. Pick pastel-colored paint for the walls such as pink, yellow, purple and light blue. You can use a sponge to paint the wall to achieve a splash effect. Or, take a wall and add a mural that reflects a castle or any symbol associated with princesses. Look for a bed with a castle headboard or choose a bedcover that display your toddler’s favorite princess character. Do not forget to complete the look with dainty accessories such as laced curtains, decorative lamps and posters in glass frames.

Toddler Room Theme # 3: Race Car

Race car is another popular toddler room theme for little boys. You can have the wall painted with a race car track or in a subdued red color. Look for a toddler bed formed like a race car. Decorate the room with race car flags, checkered curtains or use hubcaps and other fun car accessories.

Toddler Room Theme # 4: The Wild Side

A safari-themed room is quite easy to pull off. You can paint the walls with tiger or zebra stripes or paint one wall with this pattern and the other walls with a complementing color. Drape some mosquito netting from the ceiling or over your little one’s bed to achieve that safari vibe. Select stuffed animal versions of your toddler’s favorite jungle animals and decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars. Go to your local craft store and purchase some leafy vines and vividly colored flowers and drape them near the ceiling or around the windows and door.

Toddler Room Theme # 5: Artistic

If your toddler is the creative type or shows an interest in books and letters, try making your toddler’s bedroom into a nest of learning. Pick one wall to leave open and free. On the lower half of the wall, set up a dry erase board. Not only will it encourage your little one to draw on it over and over again but a dry erase board is also an ideal place to hang up his work of art. You may also install a cork board to add more artistic feel to an artsy themed room. But do make sure that the pushpins are high enough that your toddler cannot reach them. Add a few bookshelves and let your creative munchkin build a library of favorite do-it-yourself crafts, coloring books, picture books, etc. Place a small drawing table and a chair in the corner or in the middle of the room so your little one has his own den to keep busy with crayons, markers and paints. A comfy armchair and a reading light are also great additions to finish off your toddler’s artistic themed room.

Toddler Room Theme # 6: Superhero

Superheroes are also one of the most favored toddler room themes. You can either have the walls painted with superheroes or paint them with bright colors that will match your toddler’s superhero themed room decors. Choose bedspreads and blankets that display your toddler’s favorite superhero, line up his action figures, superhero toys and books. You can also hang a cape and some masks on his bedpost or wall.

Toddler bedrooms are a fun way for parents to show their children how much they love them. When choosing a theme for your toddler’s bedroom, make sure you ask your toddler’s opinion to make decorating a success.

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