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The Best Sunscreen For Toddlers

Whether your toddler is in the backyard, park or at the beach, wearing sunscreen all year round is a must. Here is a round-up of the best sunscreen for toddlers.

Aveeno Baby Sunblock SPF 55

At the top of the list of the best sunscreen for toddlers is Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection SPF 55. This is a great sunscreen from the manufacturer of one of the best loved children’s products. It has UVA and UVB protection and active photo barrier complex which offers better and long-lasting sun protection. It is easy to apply and gentle on your toddler’s delicate skin. It is fragrance-free and water-resistant so it will not wear from sand, sweat or water. Plus, it has colloidal oatmeal to keep your toddler’s skin from losing its natural moisture which is great for toddlers with dry skin. You can buy this sunscreen at your local drugstores for $9.25 for a 4.5 ounce sized bottle.

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Mineral Kids

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Mineral Kids is also of one of the best sunscreen for toddlers. This is a natural, budge-free sunscreen with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection of SPF 30. It is waterproof (40 minutes), paraben-free and made of chemical-free sunscreen ingredients. This sunscreen is lightweight and fast absorbing. It contains grape seed oil and vitamin E offering antioxidant protection and aloe vera, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil to keep a toddler’s skin soft and moisturized. Visit the Alba Botanica website if you want to purchase one (costs $10.99).

Badger SPF Sunscreen For Face and Body

Badger sunscreen is one of the safest sunscreen for toddlers on the market. It has a natural, hydrating and soothing way to protect your toddler’s skin from sun damage without causing irritation or leaving your toddler’s skin oily. It contains essential oils such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and lime oil which leave a light and pleasing fragrance. This also offers UVA and UVB protection and is water-resistant. You can buy one for $10.99 from pharmacies and grocery stores.

California Baby Water-resistant Hypoallergenic Sunscreen SPF30+

California Baby is also considered one of the best sunscreen for toddlers. It provides utmost protection for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. This formula is specifically formulated for young skin and will shield it from the harmful rays of the sun. It is water-resistant, chemical and PABA free, non-comedogenic and non-staining. It is a treat to put on, smells great and comes in a very cute packaging. It is a 2.9 ounce sized bottle (for $22.98) making it very handy – you can stick it in your pocket or stash it in your purse.

Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50

Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50 is a 100% mineral based sunscreen. It is perfect for toddlers because it ensures optimal defense from the sun with its extra broad spectrum (long and short UVA and UVB rays) as it contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is hypoallergenic so toddlers with very sensitive skin can use them. It is free of fragrance, sweat and water-resistant and has no chemical filters. Plus, it is easy to apply on skin and leaves a soft feeling. In addition, it is very affordable as it only costs $8.98.

Soleo Organics Sunscreen SPF 30+

Included in the list of the best sunscreen for toddlers is Soleo’s Organic Sunscreen SPF 30+. It is chemical free and is highly effective against sun damage. Made from all-natural ingredients, Soleo Organics Sunscreen SPF 30+ is ideal not just for young children but for the whole family as well. It uses the revolutionary micronized zinc technology to supply broad sun protection without leaving your toddler’s skin white. This brand is pricier (costs $22) but with the benefits and protection it offers your toddler’s skin, every dollar you spend is worth it.

Kiss My Face Sport Clear Spray Spritz

If you have a little athlete or a toddler who loves to spend almost all of his time outdoors, Kiss My Face Sport Clear Spray Spritz is your toddler’s perfect companion. It is quick-drying and sweat-resistant so it will not run into your toddler’s eyes and sting. It leaves a light coconut scent so your little one can stay sweet-smelling amidst the sweat. It is available in an 8 ounce sized bottle for $16.99.

Protecting your toddler’s skin is truly a must. These brands of sunscreen for toddlers are tried and tested by the experts and parents so they are guaranteed safe for the little ones.

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Tips For Buying Safety Gates For Toddlers

Now that your toddler is becoming more mobile and is more curious of exploring his environment, you have to put boundaries on where your toddler can and cannot go. To help make your job easier, you need to buy a child safety gate. Safety gates for toddlers are an essential childproofing gear you must have in your home. Here are safety gate buying tips that will help you figure out how to buy the best safety gate that will offer your toddler protection around the house.

Assess Your Needs

The first thing you have to consider when buying safety gates for toddlers is your needs. Do you want a safety gate for the stairs? Or are you looking for one that can prevent your little one from accessing the bathroom or kitchen? You can choose from two types of child safety gates – hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted safety gates.

A hardware-mounted safety gate is permanently secured to the walls with screws. This is ideally used at the top or bottom of the steps in your home. Hardware-mounted child safety gates are pricier and harder to set-up than pressure-mounted gates but they are durable and gives better protection. On the other hand, a pressure-mounted safety gate can be moved from room to room and relies on pressure to stay in place. This gate is more affordable and is best used for less hazardous areas such as doorways, not the staircase.

Think About Height

Height is another important consideration when choosing safety gates for toddlers. Look for a safety gate that is short enough so you can simply get over it without having to take it down each time you need to get by but at the same time, tall enough to so your little one cannot get over it or climb over.

Check The Spacing of The Bars

Go for a child safety gate with vertical slats or one with a fine mesh screen. Vertical slats and mesh screens are more effective in preventing a toddler from climbing over. In addition, see to it that the bars are set close enough together, no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. This is to keep your little one from placing his head in between the slats and avoid getting trapped. If you prefer a child safety gate with a mesh screen, make sure that the holes are not small enough to keep your toddler from poking through the holes and trapping his tiny fingers.

Get The Right Size

Another point parents should keep an eye out when buying safety gates for toddlers is the size. Look for a safety gate that is wide enough. Opt for a gate with an extension so it can secure a larger area or a gate with interlocking sections to enclose a bigger hazard.

Choose One That Opens Easily

Pick a child safety gate that is easy to open. Choose a door that you can effortlessly open with one hand but automatically locks behind you, restricting your toddler from following you. This way, you will not have to worry if you or other family members latched the gate behind them.

Make Sure It Has The Seal

Safety gates for toddlers should bear a seal that they are JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified. This seal serves as a guarantee that the safety gate has passed current safety standards.

Try Before You Buy

As much as possible, test a few models in the store before heading to the cashier. This way, the sales personnel can show you the proper way of installing the safety gate and to make sure that the safety gate you choose is in excellent condition and is safe and easy to use.

To maximize the effectiveness of your child safety gate, always keep a close eye on your toddler. Remember, no gate can completely safeguard your toddler from mishaps.

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Top Toddler Safety Products to Use For Safe Sleep

Sleep is imperative to a toddler’s development. To ensure your toddler grows bright and healthy, a good 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night is recommended. So to make sure your young one gets ample shuteye, use these safety products that help promote a secure and relaxing sleep.

Baby Safety Monitors

Panicking over your precious one is not only stressful, it is also unhealthy. Hence, a baby monitor is one toddler safety product you need to have. With this gadget, you need not worry about your toddler’s whereabouts. Baby monitors are equipped with transmitters, receivers and sensor pads that faultlessly watch your little one’s actions. You can monitor your toddler day and night, whether you need to leave home for work, do grocery shopping, make lunch, do the laundry, clean the house, tend the garden or sleep. You get to continue doing your daily activities while at the same time ensure your toddler’s well-being.

There are 4 different types of baby monitors you can choose from. The following are:

Audio Baby Monitors

Known as the classic baby monitor, audio baby monitors are economical electronic gadgets that usually consist of a battery operated transmitter and receiver units used by parents or caregivers to listen to a toddler’s activities through his breathing. This enables the carers to easily identify signs of waking, crying and so on.

Movement Sensor Baby Monitors

Similar to the device used in pediatric hospitals, a movement sensor baby monitor detects the lack of movement of a toddler. The monitor is mounted under the mattress of your toddler’s bed and because its sensor is very sensitive, it can instantly pick up the slightest twitch of your toddler. Once the monitor does not sense a normal movement within 20 seconds, it will transmit an electronic alarm to the parents’ portable unit. These gadgets are battery operated and are made from durable hard plastic for extra sturdiness.

Video Baby Monitors

As the name implies, these are monitoring devices that use video and images to watch over a toddler. These baby surveillance cameras feature a webcam which show pictures to parents by plugging the receiver into a TV. Or, you may also integrate the cam to the internet so you can watch your toddler even when you are away from home. These baby cams also have night-vision features, perfect for bedtime surveillance. Just simply switch it to night mode and you can view your toddler using the front part of the camera.

Wired and Wireless Baby Monitors

Wired monitors have to be installed which can be inconvenient especially if you have a small space since you need to run the cables around the house. But, they are very reliable since there are no chances of any outside interference. Wireless monitors are more flexible to use, you can place them anywhere in the house but expect interferences to occur.

Toddler Bed Rails

Bed rails or secure safety rails keep your toddler from rolling out of his bed and hurting himself. Toddler bed rails are easy to attach and adjust to the side of the bed. A folding bed rail is more practical to use since it easily folds down when you need to attend to your little one. If your toddler is very active and loves to crawl down his bed, wooden bed rails are more efficient. Make sure bed rails have padding’s and do not contain sharp edges.

Wearable Blankets

Traditional blankets can be hazardous for your toddler. With all the twitching he does in his sleep, blankets can cause suffocation once his body gets trapped under it. Wearable blankets or halo sleep sacks are safer options to use that are also widely recommended by doctors. It is worn together with his pajamas, similar to a form-fitting sleeping bag which promotes safer sleep. Since it is a stay-put type blanket, it reduces the danger of re-breathing (carbon dioxide inhalation). Plus, sleep sacks secure a snug fit so you can be sure your toddler can still comfortably move around.


A new sleeping bed can cause discomfort so a little reassurance is necessary especially when your toddler wakes up in the middle of the night. Nightlights are great bed companions to children. A fun-shaped nightlight that displays colors and images supply a calming glow to your toddler’s room eliminating his fear of the dark. A nightlight that plays lullabies also helps your toddler feel at ease helping him go back to sleep in no time.

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Toddler Safety Products to Use At Home

Your toddler’s safety is of utmost importance to you. You make sure everything and every area is clean and secure for your little one. But, have you taken some time to childproof your home? Often times, parents fuss over too many things that they tend to overlook the place with the biggest threats to their child’s safety and well-being – their own home. It is where most accidents take place. Thus, precautionary measures must be exercised.

During this stage, your toddler knows how to crawl, walk, jump and sit. His day to day activities include tinkering with every visible object around the house and everything is up for grabs. To give you peace of mind, here is a toddler safety checklist along with toddler safety products to help ensure your toddler’s safety around your house.

In The Kitchen

Cupboard and Drawer Padlocks

Place a child-guard lock such as a plastic tag or a magnet fastening on your kitchen cabinets and drawers to keep your toddler away from exploring its contents. As much as possible, keep knives and any sharp and fragile items locked and stored at the uppermost cabinet.

Stove and Oven Covers

Keep your toddler’s hands away from the heat and the stove knob controls by placing stove covers and stove guards in your kitchen stove. A heat resilient cover is best installed to your oven.

In The Bedroom and Living Area

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are invaluable tools that give you an extra pair of eyes and ears to help keep your toddler safe and secure especially when you are not around (e.g. your little one is in his bedroom and you are in the living room vacuuming the carpet). A baby monitor allows you to instantly detect any problem especially during night time when toddlers are prone to wake up in the wee hours of the morning or have nightmares.

Corner Cushions and Straps

Your toddler may not yet master his balance and perfect his walking. With his wobbly feet, he is prone to constantly fall or bump into sharp edged items and furnitures. Cover sharp points with corner cushions and table padding to prevent bumps and bruises. If your toddler is a climber, always secure your cupboards, bookshelves, TV, dressers and other cabinets to the wall with safety straps to prevent furnitures from falling if he tries to scale them.

Catchers, Grippers and Stoppers

With your toddler being too busy roaming around the house, there is a big chance for his fingers and toes to get squashed between doors. Prevent your toddler’s fingers and toes from getting trapped in or under doors by using different child-friendly catchers, stoppers and grippers.

Electric Cable Shortener

Electrical cables (e.g. TV, lamps, computer and other electronic gadgets) scattered around the floor is very dangerous for your toddler. This invites him to pull and tug the cables that may lead to a head bump or worse, a short circuit. Use electric cable shortener’s to keep them from lying on the floor or hanging in the wall.

Electrical or Socket Plasters

With your toddler’s innate inquisitiveness, you can be sure the holes of electric sockets will excite him. Covering electric plug sockets should be on top of your toddler safety checklist. For every visible electric socket in your bedroom and living room, install removable socket covers or replace the cover itself with built-in sliding covers. These electrical covers are guaranteed to be safe since they are too big for your toddler’s tiny hands.

Window Safety Guards

Secure windows with an easy to install and adjustable window safety guard. You can choose from mesh covers that also serve as a home decoration or opt for window bars made from metal.

In The Bathroom

Faucet Covers

Your toddler can be extremely giddy when it is time for bathing. Prevent your  toddler from flooding your bathroom or from getting head bumps and cuts with a faucet cover. These faucet covers come in various colors and shapes that can add extra fun to his bath time.

Toilet and Toilet Cabinet Locks

Secure your toddler from reaching the toilet seat cleansers, disinfectants and other poisonous toilet essentials with cabinet padlocks. Toilet locks keeps the lid tightly closed averting your toddler from drowning or from touching the toilet water.

Take a crawl tour to ensure these toddler safety products are properly installed around the different areas of your house. With the help of these products, childproofing your home will get easier and spotting danger even from outside your home becomes effortless.

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