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Five Popular Toddler Stroller Brands

There are a lot of toddler stroller brands available to make your head spin. So how will you know which one is the best? Read reviews. Below are the top five toddler stroller brands that have received the highest reviews and awards.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger is a manufacturer of high-performance strollers and joggers. This brand pioneered the invention of the three-wheeled or all-terrain jogging strollers (available in singles and doubles). It also has recently introduced traditional strollers for everyday use. The Baby Jogger brand is one of the highest reviewed strollers by owners and reviewers. Parents especially love the stroller’s light built, one-hand quick-fold technology, reclining seat and multi-position sun canopy.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

  • Lightweight
  • A swivel front wheel that can lock into place for lithe maneuverability
  • Patented quick-fold technology (ideal for traveling)
  • Large multi-position sun canopy with clear view windows
  • Large, easy to access under seat storage basket
  • Modifiable 5-point safety straps with shoulder pads and buckle cover

Baby Trend

Baby Trend is another popular brand of toddler strollers. It offers single strollers for one child as well as double and triple strollers for multiple children. Baby Trend strollers have a lightweight steel frame construction, adaptors that connect to child seats, all-terrain bicycle tires, adjustable canopy with sun visor and covered roof patches, parent and child cup holders and storage baskets. The strollers are even MP3 player compatible with built-in speakers, perfect for entertaining both parent and child.

Baby Trend Stride Sport Stroller

  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • 5-point safety harness with cushioned harness covers
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • One-hand fold
  • Large storage basket
  • Independent rear brakes
  • Large sunshade with peek-a-boo window and lattice insect net
  • Covered parent tray with two deep cup holders


Chicco, an Italian brand established in 1958 is an international company that specializes in making clothing and gears for babies and toddlers. Chicco strollers are fashionable and functional so parents can move in style while toddlers remain comfortable. It has a one-touch set up feature for easy use and portability. Plus, the all-weather features keep you prepared and your little one safe whether you are taking a stroll in the park or hiking trails.

Chicco Cortina Stroller

  • Dubbed as one of the safest strollers
  • Multi-position flat recline seat
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Two-position leg support
  • Rotating, detachable sun canopy
  • Parent and child cup holders
  • Large storage basket


Graco is one of the most trusted manufacturers of strollers. The company has produced a large collection of stroller products to ensure mommies and daddies needs are accommodated. You may choose from lightweight strollers (for simple traveling), double strollers (for multiple children) and full-size strollers (very functional).

Graco UrbanLite Stroller

  • Multi-position flat recline seat
  • Has a 50-pound weight capacity for years of comfortable strolling
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • One-hand standing fold with storage latch
  • Compatible with all Graco SnugRide car seats to create your own travel system


Maclaren is a name synonymous with good quality strollers and is the most advanced brand of strollers. Maclaren strollers are lightweight and easy to push. Regarded as one of the best strollers that celebrities love, they are also one of the most affordable.

Maclaren Triumph

  • Durable
  • One-hand fold
  • Has a 55-pound weight capacity (a stroller that can grow with your toddler)
  • Comes with a rain cover, water resistant hood and UV protected window

You have a lot more options to choose from. But, these five toddler stroller brands are undoubtedly the best and the most versatile gear you can get for your precious one.

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Toddler Stroller Buying Tips

A stroller is a necessity every parent should have. It is very practical to use and it keeps your toddler safe and comfortable everywhere you go. But, with a wide array of choices available, buying one can be complicated. There are a lot of factors you have to consider – size, design, function and price. Hence, it is imperative you equip yourself with all the right information to ensure you get maximum value.

Toddler stroller is like an investment wherein you need to put a lot of thought before diving into it. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, but take heart. Here is a guideline to help you select the best set of wheels for your toddler.

Set A Budget

A stroller is an expensive purchase. Therefore, it is up to you to decide how little or how much you want to spend. Before going stroller shopping, set a budget in mind. If you are cash strapped, toddler strollers between $100 and $200 are a popular choice. If you have the money or if you are brand conscious, go for deluxe strollers that are within the $300 to $400 price range. But, do keep in mind that the quality of strollers vary regardless of their price tag. Not all affordable strollers are fragile and not all expensive strollers are comfortable.

Consider Your Family’s Lifestyle

Do you often travel abroad or take road trips every weekend? Does the family enjoy eating out? Do you drive or use public transportation? Is the family a country or city dweller? Make this your basis to help you determine the right kind of stroller for your child. Here is a list of toddler strollers that fit every family’s lifestyle:

Jogging Strollers

If you are a sporty parent or the whole family loves the outdoors, a jogging stroller is best for your toddler since it has better suspension. It includes a wrist strap, hand brakes and inflatable tires which can absorb shock. Make sure you research about the different manufacturers of this stroller. The longer they’ve been in the business the better.

Lightweight Strollers

A popular choice of modern day parents, lightweight strollers are small and foldable which makes them very convenient to use. It comes with an adjustable seat that is perfect for your growing toddler. Although this stroller is pricier than other strollers, it still has the full feature of a regular stroller. Best if your family loves to travel as this product boasts of superb maneuverability and lockable wheels.

Umbrella Strollers

Ideally used for traveling or if your toddler loves to move around. An umbrella or full-sized stroller is the most basic type of stroller that includes everything that your toddler needs. It features a padded reclining seat that lets your toddler easily hop on and off the stroller. Since umbrella strollers weigh very light, they are easy to drive especially in crowded areas. Plus, these are inexpensive making them the preferred stroller of parents.

Travel System Strollers

A 2 in 1 product, it is a stroller with a detachable car seat. Perfect if your toddler loves to sleep as you can easily transfer your toddler in and out of your car without disturbing him.

Think of Your Toddler’s Size

Never mind his age, his height and weight are what matters. See to it your little one can comfortably ride upright and lie down flat on his back. A toddler stroller that sags down once your child sits on it indicates that it is weak and will not last for months.

Check Features

Remember to inspect the small details of a toddler stroller. A good stroller must have these basic features - an adjustable handle and seat, seat padding, an awning to safeguard your toddler during sunny and rainy days, a cup holder and a basket (for extra storage) that is wide enough to carry your child’s everyday essentials. It is even better to get a stroller with reversible grips, lockable and anti-slip swivel wheels and a shock absorbing suspension system for easy use and added protection.

Do A Test Drive

Never hesitate to try out strollers. It is best to visit different children’s stores so you have multiple options. Open, fold, carry and maneuver different strollers to check which one is the sturdiest. Make sure it can fit inside the trunk of your car.

Pick A Versatile Design and Color

If you have two adorable toddlers, its more sensible to get a stroller designed for 2-seaters. If you plan on having another child, then choose a toddler stroller in a unisex color and design so you can save more money.

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