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Toddler Bedtime – What To Do When Your Toddler Will Not Sleep

Toddler bedtime is a battle. You keep on insisting your toddler to go to sleep yet your child keeps on finding excuses so he can get up. Wondering how to resolve this? Here are six effective tips you should try.

Keep Him Busy Throughout The Day

Toddlers have plenty of energy and they need to release that. Keep your little one busy while he is awake. Take your toddler to the park or playground. Schedule a day trip to the zoo or museum. Organize a picnic with your family or friends with children his age. Let him tag along when you go grocery shopping or run errands. Walk around your neighborhood in the afternoon. These activities will not only help him work off some of that excess energy but also encourage him to be more active.

Keep Naptimes Short

Some toddlers give up afternoon naps once they hit 2 years old, while others still need it. If your toddler still naps, make sure you adjust nap lengths and times. Shorten the nap (at least 30 minutes to 1 hour) or let him nap an hour ahead. If your toddler gets 4 hours of sleep in the middle of the day, then it is not surprising he has trouble sleeping at night.

Set A Realistic Bedtime

Choose a bedtime that is reasonable. Your toddler is just like you, he has his own sleep patterns. He might be a morning person or a night owl. Consider your toddler’s body clock. If he is too tired during dinnertime, adjust the meal and bedtime to an earlier time. Likewise, if your little one is not tired by 7:30, never force your toddler to go to sleep as this will only increase power struggle. Consider a slightly later bedtime for your toddler instead. This will save you and your toddler time, arguments and stress.

Establish A Bedtime Routine

By now, you already know that your toddler thrives best when there is consistency. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Start early so you can take your time preparing your toddler for bed. After dinner, you can start the routine by brushing his teeth, giving him a warm bath, giving a glass of milk, reading a book, talking, a kiss and a hug and then lights-out.

Be Firm

Your toddler needs to understand that once you turn out the light, you are done for the day. Do not give in to his pleas as this will only make him think that he can get away, making the bedtime ritual useless.

Give Reassurance

Your toddler may not sleep because he is afraid. Toddlers have imaginative minds, hence the reason why they have nightmares and night terrors. He may fall asleep faster if you hold hands or if you pretend to fall asleep beside him. Let him know that you are there for him when he needs you. Tell him that if he is afraid, all he needs to do is pray or give your toddler a comfort object such as a stuffed toy or blanket to help him feel more comfortable.

Getting your toddler to sleep can be a challenge. But with consistency and a little planning, you can get your toddler to doze off in no time and get that much needed good night’s sleep.

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