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Potty Training Your Twin Toddlers

Potty training a toddler is challenging enough, but when you have twins, it means double the work and double the trouble. But as daunting as it may seem, potty training twins can actually be fun. Check out the tips below.

Look For Signs of Readiness

The best time to potty train toddlers is when they are ready. You know your toddlers are ready when they - show an interest when others use the toilet, want to wear “big kid” underwear, are uncomfortable wearing diapers and are able to go for a long period of time (30 minutes to an hour) without wetting their diapers.

However, do remember that there is a possibility that your twins may not be ready at the same time. If that is the case, never push the unprepared toddler as this will only create power struggle. But, chances are, when the unprepared twin sees the other use the potty, it can motivate the other twin to try it as well.

Buy Two Potties

A potty seat is something twins cannot share. Do get two potties so that both toddlers have their own. Have each toddler pick his favorite and let your twins adorn them with stickers so they know whose is whose and your twins get more thrilled about using them.

Introduce The Potty

One way to potty train your twins is to introduce the potty to them. Demonstrate how it should be used. Let them watch a video or read books about potty training. This will motivate your twin toddlers to try and it will show them that using the potty is normal and fun.

Keep Your Twins On A Same Schedule

Yes, twins have different personalities, but it is important to get them in sync. This is the easiest and most effective approach to potty train them. For instance, when toddler A feels the urge to pee, bring toddler B to the bathroom and encourage him to pee as well. You may use a timer and set it for 15 minutes or so. This way, you will not be rushing one twin and then the other to the toilet.

Do Not Make Comparisons

If toddler A is training more quickly than toddler B, do not compare toddler B to toddler A. Even if you are doing this to encourage toddler B, it might make him feel bad and strengthen feelings of jealousy and rivalry.

Be Flexible

Understand that potty training is no easy task. So expect accidents, messes, fussing and giving constant reminders. Just be patient. Ask for reinforcement from your spouse, mom or cousin to help prevent mishaps. Also, even if you have established a successful potty training routine, be ready to try different methods for other times.

Give Praise

Praise your twins each time they pee or poop in the potty. Give them a round of applause, a hug, kiss or a pat on the back. Sing or dance a potty song. Let them choose underwear they like and let them wear it as a reward for using the potty.

Keep in mind that potty training is a momentary transition. Your twins will eventually learn to use the toilet. So show your love, try not to stress it out and enjoy the process. Years from now, you will look back on this experience, laugh your heart out and think “What was the big deal?”.

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