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Top 5 Toys For Your Preschooler

Preschoolers have an extensive range of toys available to choose from that include named toys such as Fifi or Bob the Builder to books and jigsaws. They are of an age where they enjoy playing independently and want to do things by themselves. It is important to allow children of this age to play by themselves but offer help when they become frustrated. This age is also a very important time for children to learn so ensure that you buy educational toys that will help your child new learn new skills as well as have fun.

1. Building Blocks

Building blocks are a very popular toy for children of this age range. Both boys and girls alike love creating buildings and other objects. Building blocks are great for helping hand and eye co-ordination as well as developing artistic skills. Blocks such as Mega Blocks and Lego are ideal for this age group and come in bright colours. These are extremely durable and will last many years.

2. Play Stores

Play stores are great for encouraging pretend play. Children love pretending to be grownups and copying everyday actions such as going to the supermarket and paying at a cash register. As well buying pretend supermarkets and cash registers, you can also buy play kitchens ands cleaning trolleys or washing machines. Both little girls and boys enjoy this type of play and it is very good for their creative imagination.

3. Art Based Utensils

Art based utensils are an essential buy for any preschooler in order to encourage their creative side. Children in this age range love playing with play dough, crayons and pencils. Paining and art encourages hand and eye co-ordination and youngsters of this age just love getting messy! This also helps them learn to hold a pen properly and how to cut using scissors.

4. Water Based Toys

Water based toys are a fun toy for young children to play with. These can be used in the bath or in the garden. Children will quite happily play with water for hours on end. They love scooping and pouring water from one toy to another. Some toys offer a squirting action so that they can squirt one another.

5. Jigsaws

Jigsaws encourage hand and eye co-ordination. These come as wooden or in big pieces for this age range. Many of the puzzles have lift out pieces with pictures underneath to help children of this age obtain object recognition skills, manual dexterity and shape matching skills.

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