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Tips For Flying With Children

Going on a trip with a toddler can be challenging especially if you are traveling by air. But luckily, you do not have to endure hours of crying and embarrassment anymore. Here are some helpful advice for making flying with children easier.

Prep Your Toddler

Toddlers have meltdowns on planes for two reasons – they are scared and they feel restrained. Preparing your toddler a week or a few days before you fly will help minimize some of your toddler’s anxieties. For instance, you can watch videos or read books about flying. “We’re Going On An Airplane” by Steve Augarde and “Airport” by Byron Barton are great children’s books that show what goes on at the airport. Or, why not role play the activities the two of you will be doing. Pretend to be the security personnel and have your toddler stand in line, go through security and so on.

Dress Appropriately

Dress your little one in nice, comfortable clothes. A good flying outfit consists of a pair of jeans, t-shirt, sweater and comfy shoes. This will keep your toddler warm and at ease. Plus, dressing your toddler for the journey will make him think that traveling by air is something special.

Bring Your Toddler’s Flying Essentials

Toddlers can get fussy when on the plane because they have to sit for hours in a small space, their ears are popping and they have nothing to do. Preparing a “flying kit” will keep your little one’s tantrums at bay. Bring a backpack with you and stash it with your toddler’s favorite snacks or ask him to choose what food he wants to eat on the plane, travel toys such as activity books, papers, crayons, clay, finger puppets, books with flaps, toddler laptops and a portable DVD player and one or two of his favorite movies. In addition, pack an extra set of clean clothes just in case your toddler spills juice on his shirt. Also, it would not hurt to bring anti-nausea medications if your toddler has a sensitive stomach.

Be At The Airport Early

Checking-in and going through security can be time-consuming. Thus, it is very important that you arrive at the airport early. Doing so allows you to choose your seats and arrange whatever needs organizing. Plus, the extra time is a good opportunity for your little one to explore the airport, look around shops, play at the play area (if the airport has one), eat and go to the restroom. The more comfortable he gets, the lesser chances your toddler will have a meltdown on the plane.


Keep your cool. How will you expect your child to behave if he sees his mommy is acting fidgety? Flying with your toddler for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but you have to stay composed. If you are relaxed, the feeling will rub off onto your toddler.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience with your toddler. Mishaps and outbursts are unavoidable, but do not let them ruin your adventure.

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Tips For A Happy Road Trip With Kids

You may have heard of the horror stories other parents share about long road trips with kids. But, with a little creativity and early preparation, you can make your road trip with your toddler a success.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

Schedule an oil change, tune up and other vehicle maintenance a week before your trip. Book your accommodations before you start out on your road trip. Get a free child safety seat inspection to ensure correct installation of your toddler’s car seat. Plan your route down to the last detail. Make sure the route you choose has plenty of small towns and cities along the way so you are not too far from a bathroom. Bring a map so you will not get lost and list down emergency numbers so you can easily call for help in case you get lost.

Pack Smart

See to it your little one is nourished on the road to prevent him from getting cranky. Pack light but filling finger foods such as trail mix, crackers, pretzels and sandwiches and cool drinks like water and fresh fruit juice. Avoid feeding your toddler greasy, oil and moist foods as these can ruin your car’s interior. Place the food bag within easy reach so your toddler can just grab it if he is hungry.

In a separate bag, pack a travel pillow, blanket and jacket to keep him warm especially if you are taking a long road trip. Also, you need to pack an extra set of clothes, wipes, washcloths, plastic bags, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, diapers, milk and a first-aid kit. Bring over-the-counter anti-nausea medications, children’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen and other medications your toddler is taking.

Of course, a road trip will not be fun without toys. Bring his favorite toys, audio books for children and lots of sing-along children’s music CDs to help him pass the time.

Plan Your Travel Around Your Toddler’s Sleep Schedule

Leaving around the time that your toddler naps is a gift to the driver. If you leave before lunchtime, you can let your toddler eat in the car. This way, he will nod off in no time. You can even travel at night, as long as the driver is well-rested and alert.

Keep Your Toddler Entertained

A bored toddler will start whining. Keep your toddler in a good mood and get the whole family involved by playing car trip games such as spotting tall buildings, counting trucks, singing a song and talking. Another effective idea to keep your toddler busy is by giving him a disposable camera so he can take pictures to his heart’s content.

Take A Stopover

Make regular stops (at least every 2 hours) so your little one can run around and stretch his legs. Ideal pit stops include rest areas, areas with public restrooms and tourist traps. Search the web for parks, playgrounds, museums, fruit farms and other attractions within your route. Stop at a diner so you and your little one can reload your tummies.

The secret to a successful road trip with your toddler is to take your time planning your trip. When your toddler is comfortable, he is happy and when your youngster is happy, everyone can enjoy the road trip.

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How To Enjoy Your Travel With A Toddler

Taking a trip with a toddler is no vacation if one is not prepared. Here is what you should do to enjoy your travel with a toddler whether by land, air or sea.

Pack A Carry-on Bag

Searching for your toddler’s essentials should not be like a treasure hunt. Prepare all of your toddler’s basic travel needs in a carry-on backpack to keep everything handy and in place. Do not forget to bring the following:

  • Extra clothes for you and your toddler
  • Sunscreen
  • First-aid kit
  • Children’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • Changing pad
  • Diapers (at least 3)
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue
  • Alcohol
  • Bibs
  • Sippy cups and bottles
  • Milk
  • Plastic, re-sealable bags (for stashing dirty things)
  • Travel pillow
  • Blanket

Dress Your Toddler Comfortably

Dress your little one in easy-to-add layers so that you can keep your toddler comfy and fresh whatever the weather. A great travel outfit consists of a cotton ¾ sleeved t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a jacket or an overall with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Give your toddler a scarf too so he can simply use it as his blanket if wearing a jacket is just too hot.

Bring A Car Seat and Stroller

For any types of travel, a car seat and stroller are a must-have. A car seat will keep your toddler comfortable and secure and it is more convenient than letting your toddler ride on your lap or using the plane’s car seat. Leave the bulky stroller at home. Bring a lightweight or umbrella stroller instead so you can simply stash it in your car trunk or a plane’s overhead bin or drop it off at the departure gate.

Fill Your Toddler’s Tummy

Dealing with a hungry toddler is a nightmare. Prevent tears, screams and whining by packing tasty finger foods like apples, bananas, pears, cereals, cookies, crackers, fruit gummies, rice cakes and trail mix in medium-sized re-sealable plastic bags.

Also, it is important that you keep your little one hydrated. Keep drinks close at hand. Make sure you have bottled water on hand so you can keep your toddler’s sippy cup full. Avoid giving fruit juices and sodas as the caffeine content will only amp up your tot’s energy when you least want it to.

Provide Entertainment

Travel time bores toddlers. Keep you little one busy by bringing a goodie bag containing a few of your toddler’s favorite toys, plus a couple of new objects he can enjoy. For instance, you may bring two of his favorite books, his stuffed dog, robot, stacking ring toy, a new activity book, papers and pens, finger puppets, musical toys, sing-along CD’s or anything else that interests him. Stash all of them in a mesh bag and pin the bag to his car seat or to the seat back in front of him so he can easily pull out his toys.

Traveling with children is both a happy and tense experience. So expect some setbacks, be patient and ready to face these hurdles. Keep your calm, no matter what.

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