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Types of Toddler Toys For Boys

Shopping for toys for your little boy is always a fun thing to do since he will generally like any toy you put in front of him. But as he grows older and reaches the toddler stage, his preferences may undergo changes. The stuffed animal he used to love when he was still a baby may now be forgotten. As your little boy continues to develop, providing him with the right toys is important.

With the different types of toddler toys for boys available in the market, choosing the perfect toy for your little one can be overwhelming. So to help relieve your stress, here is a complete round-up of toddler toys for boys.

Blocks and Puzzles

By now, your little boy likes keeping his hands busy. What better way for him to have the grandest time doing it by playing with blocks and puzzles. Building blocks and puzzles and knocking them over to re-build them once again is a favorite activity for many little boys. Look for colorful wooden blocks such as a construction, alphabet or number set. Puzzles are also great teaching tools with fun designs ranging from animals, numbers, down to a shape sorting clock. Blocks and puzzles help increase your toddler’s motor, fine motor and cognitive skills. Plus, hand-eye coordination is enhanced.

Cars, Trains and Construction Toys

During the toddler stage, your little boy loves role playing and outdoor play. At this age, he wants to have every vehicle toy available and be cool just like his dad. Give him construction toys like a crane, truck or a train to help develop mobility. Also, these toddler toys are good sources of pretend play.

Musical Instruments

Your toddler will love tinkering with musical toys. From a mini piano, guitar to a drum set, these types of toddler toys for boys are good instruments to help discover his hidden talents. He gets to listen and sing along to his favorite nursery rhymes. In addition, these toys will also help boost-up his love for the arts, crafts and music.

Ride On Toys

Once he is able to walk and move around on his own, he will want to explore his surroundings more. Ride on toys for boys will do the trick. There are different types of ride on toys available, the following are:

  • Foot to Floor Rides. Best for toddlers from ages 2 to 5, he can simply sit on the toy and move himself around using his feet to drive along the ground helping him strengthen his arms and legs.
  • Motor Rides. Battery operated motor rides are perfect for your little boy especially if he enjoys speed and loves to imitate your driving. They come with adjustable speeds with safety features ensuring your child’s safety.
  • Pedal Ride Ons. A tricycle is a good substitute for a normal bike if in case he still walks unstable. Just make sure you get him a pedal ride on that has a brake and is appropriate for his age, height and weight.
  • Wagon. Fit for all ages, wagons are best played with other people around. He and his younger brother or sister can take turns riding and pushing the wagon.

With the unlimited choices of toddler toys for boys, you can be sure to find one that is perfect for your little boy. But, be sure to get him toys that are not only fun but are great assistance to boosting his development as well.

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