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Teaching An Ungrateful Child To Be Grateful

Toddlers are naturally self-centered beings. They love testing their limits and have a hard time understanding that not everything is about them. Thus, it is very essential for a parent to teach an ungrateful child to be thankful. Here are some simple tips you can start using now.

Practice Saying Please and Thank You

Teach your toddler to say “Please.” each time he asks for something and “Thank you.” whenever he receives something. These two words may be small but they are valuable ways to show gratefulness and keep the thoughtfulness mood rolling. Small gestures of niceness can become infectious.

Make It A Part of Your Daily Conversation

There are so many thinks to be thankful about every day. Make “thanking” a part of the day by asking each family member what they are thankful for during dinnertime conversations. Say grace at the table. Make bedtime prayers a part of your toddler’s nighttime routine. Give hugs and kisses. Even if it is as mundane as appreciating how the sky was so clear today, the sentiment will rub off on your toddler.

Create A Gratitude Journal

Give your toddler a small journal and a special pencil so he can make a list of all the things he feels thankful for in his life. Have him write in his journal every day. Training your toddler to be appreciative from the start will create lifelong habits. Plus, during tough days, his journal will serve as his reminder of all the great things he has been blessed with.

Teach Acts of Kindness

Teach your little one to share, open the door for a stranger, help an elderly carry things, and pick up trash from the sidewalk. Assign him simple household chores such as setting the table, piling dirty dishes in the dishwasher or feeding the dog. These small gestures teach your toddler the importance of helping other people and realize that all these things require effort.

Let Your Toddler Help

Encourage him to donate his old clothes and toys to your local family center. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, your local Red Cross office, clothing banks and churches. This will make your toddler realize that not all children are privileged enough to have clothes to wear, a home, food on their table and can go to school, which will teach him to value things.

Praise and Reprimand Appropriately

Every time your toddler performs an act of compassion, commend him. Say you are proud of him or plan a special day trip. Knowing he made you happy and that you are grateful makes your toddler feel good. At the same time, if your toddler insists on buying a new toy even if you just bought him one last week, make sure to let him know. Say, “I know you love toys, but remember, we had an agreement, no more toys for this month. Maybe next month you can have another one.”.

Lead By Example

A parent is a child’s role model so make sure to practice what you preach. Always say “please” and “thank you”. Bring your toddler to the supermarket and have him help you buy food for a local food drive. If he sees you doing something good, he will be inspired to do the same thing.

Having a sense of gratitude is an important quality everyone should have since it is an important factor that will help an individual succeed in life.

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