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How To Limit TV Time For Kids

Children these days are so glued to the shows they are watching that they can sit in front of the television for hours on end. However, too much TV is never good for anyone, especially for a growing child. Parents can try some of these helpful tips on how to limit TV time for kids.

Create A Screen Time Schedule

Setting boundaries is one of the most effective techniques on how to limit TV time for kids. Set TV viewing at 1 hour per day. Allow your toddler to watch TV only after he has done all of his homework. This will keep your toddler from going straight to the television when he gets home from school. Let him watch a certain number of shows a day. Or, you can also impose the “no TV during school days” rule. Whatever schedule you set, make sure you stick to it and if it is time for your toddler to watch TV, let him watch without interruptions from you. Children respond well to rules and will obey more readily if they know what is expected of them and if parents are firm of their rules.

Provide Specific Programming

Watch particular programs instead of mindlessly channel surfing. Watching specific shows keeps your little one more focused and aware. Plus, he is more likely to turn off the TV once the show he is watching is over.

Remove Televisions From Rooms

Place the TV in one area of your house, such as the living room or family room. Get rid of the TV in your toddler’s bedroom or in your kitchen. Only have one television in your house, if everyone is okay with the idea. By taking away extra TV’s, you can better monitor the amount of time your little one spends in front of the TV and increase family time.

Cover The TV When Not In Use

Use the “out of sight, out of mind” technique. Store the television in a cabinet or place a blanket over it when no one is watching TV. If your toddler does not see it, he will be less likely to be drawn to it.

Set A Family Time Each Night

Set aside a few hours (at least 1 to 2 hours) for family time every night. Cook dinner together, eat together, talk about your day, play games, walk around the neighbourhood, take a ride somewhere or watch TV as a family. Make those hours just family time.

Use TV As A Reward

Another tip on how to limit TV time for kids is by using television as an incentive. Allow your little one to watch TV for doing household chores, studying, having good grades or for good behaviour. Not only will this help your toddler do the things he has to do but it also gives your toddler a healthier outlook towards television, instead of thinking that the TV is just a regular part of life.

Encourage Other Activities

There are plenty of worthwhile alternatives toddlers can do aside from watching television. Have your toddler join a sports team or a dancing class. Encourage him to play outside, draw or paint. Play board games, hide and seek or tag. Help your toddler finish a jigsaw puzzle. Read books together. Share stories. Let him tag along whenever you run errands. Plan a day trip during the weekend.

Mind Your Own TV Time

Of course, these tips will not be effective unless you monitor your own TV time. Keep in mind that toddlers love to imitate their parents, hence, it is very important that you lead by example. If your little one sees you sitting on the couch all day watching TV shows, then no wonder your toddler spends most of his time in front of the television.

Reducing your toddler’s TV time can be a challenge. But if you are firm and consistent, all your efforts will definitely pay off in the long run.

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Toddlers Watching TV – A Guideline For Parents

Everyone loves watching TV, especially toddlers. Parents tend to be lax when it comes to this, but what they do not know is that watching TV can hamper a child’s development. Here is a guide to make watching TV beneficial for toddlers.

Set Limits

Studies have proven that television impedes mental development in young children since it does not allow for desirable levels of mental activity. Limit your toddler’s TV viewing to an hour or two a day (including time spent playing video and computer games). Also, do not put a television in your toddler’s bedroom and make sure you turn off the TV during mealtimes or bonding sessions with your toddler.

Watch TV Together

Watch TV together with your toddler as much as possible. This way, you can make sure the program your little one is watching is appropriate for children. It also helps that you can explain to him what he sees since he is still unable to differentiate a show, cartoon or commercial from real life. Encourage your toddler to ask questions and connect what is happening in the show to his own life. You may even follow up with some lessons afterwards.

Screen The Programs

Plan what shows your toddler can watch by watching programs yourself before letting your toddler watch them since some programs intended for children contain violent scenes and does not reflect family ethics and values. Use a program guide and the TV ratings system to help you choose educational and interactive programs (shows that encourage your toddler to sing, dance, say words and make sounds).

Invest In Educational Videos

Record the shows your toddler is allowed to watch or purchase a couple of educational DVDs. This way, you do not have to flip through channels and watch commercials. Just turn the TV on to watch the program and turn it off when it is over.

Set A Good Example

Of course, it will be useless to limit your little one’s TV time if mommy and daddy do not limit their own TV viewing or screen programs as well. Remember that toddlers love mimicking their parents so be mindful of your actions and set a good example. Wait until your toddler is fast asleep before you watch your favorite talk show.

Provide Options

Even when you limit your toddler’s TV time, watching television can become a habit. Fill your toddler’s day with activities that will stimulate his mind and body. Let him play with the kids outside. Encourage your toddler to read, learn a new hobby or a sport, assign him a chore or go to the zoo together. When his schedule if filled with exciting activities, the lesser time he will spend on the couch.

Recount The Show’s Content

If you and your toddler just finished watching an episode of Go, Diego, Go about numbers and letters, talk about it later and find other examples to explore his learning’s. For instance, you can read him a book about numbers or let him color an activity book about the alphabet.

Your toddler, being naturally curious about anything that takes place around him will be attracted to television. Letting him watch TV is okay as long as you make sure you give proper guidance to keep the negative effects at bay.

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