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The Best Toddler Shoe Brands

Now that your toddler is walking, it is important to find a good brand of toddler shoes that will protect your toddler’s growing feet. Here are some of the best toddler shoe brands you can try without blowing your budget.

Stride Ride

From the first shaky walk to the pitter patter of little feet, Stride Rite has been supporting children’s steps since 1919. Stride Rite is one of the oldest and most dependable toddler shoe brand. All Stride Rite shoes support the natural development of the foot which is very beneficial in keeping a toddler’s feet healthy and happy. It has a unique S.T.E.P. system which helps parents choose the perfect shoes for their children. Plus, the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) has granted its Seal of Acceptance to some of Stride Rite’s shoe styles. What is even more great about this brand is that it is available in fun designs such as florals, Sesame Street, Disney and Star Wars characters. The only disadvantage is that some of their shoes are a little bulky and some styles are not true to their size.


Pediped is also one of the best toddler shoe brands. Pediped is the manufacturer of some of the most in demand toddler shoes. Pediped shoes have a very elastic footing, perfect for taking those first steps. They are known for their motto – “The next best thing to bare feet.” because of the Grip n Go feature which offers excellent foot development, a flexible rubber sole and a plaint box that lets the toes comfortably grip the floor. Pediped shoes are offered in a variety of styles so you can be sure to find the perfect pair that will match your little one’s personality. However, the Velcro straps can be delicate and arch support are inadequate so see to it you choose a pair of Pediped shoes based on your toddler’s age and feet.


Robeez is a toddler shoe brand well-known for its soft soles. This is perfect for first-time walkers because they are very flexible, skid-resistant, provides gentle support without constricting and has a stretchable ankle which makes these booties almost impossible to kick off. Aside from that, Robeez shoes allow little walkers to get a good grip of the floor and help them discover their natural balance while protecting little feet from the world. These shoes have leather appliqués and are available in super cute color combinations and designs so your little one can master his walking skills in style. But as soon as your toddler can walk properly, you may want to upgrade to shoes with a more substantial sole.

Umi Shoes

Umi Shoes also made it to the list of the best toddler shoe brands. Umi Shoes are very light, stretchy and comfortable, making them perfect for a toddler’ still developing feet. Aside from functionality, this brand also offers a solid balance of style that toddlers will certainly feel good wearing them. The only drawback is that some styles get scuff up easier than others.


This toddler shoe brand boasts toddler shoes that are built on a solid foundation, are very lightweight and flexible for everyday use. In addition, Ecco shoes’ are perfect for avoiding pigeon toe (a condition which causes the toe to point inward when walking). Take note that Ecco shoes only have limited styles which might be a problem for moms who want to dress-up their toddlers in style.

See Kai Run

Another popular toddler shoe brand is See Kai Run. See Kai Run shoes are made from genuine leather, very durable, breathable, dirt repellent, have elastic soles that promote proper foot and muscular growth. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor use without restricting and provides maximum feet protection. Plus, this brand was also awarded the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The only downside is that the Velcro straps are a little too short.

There are thousands of toddler shoe brands out there. But these brands were highly-rated by parents so you can be sure you and your toddler will like one of these brands too.

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